4. Imaging

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  1. What does angiography do?
    Diagnostic test to see vascular damage or leakage
  2. Diff between fluorescein and ICG?
    • fluorescein: seen with visible light- RETINAL CIRCULATION
    • ICG: seen with infrared light- CHOROIDAL CIRCULATION
  3. Diff of characteristics b/w fluorescein and ICG?
    • Fluorescein: absorbs blue light, emits yellow green, can diffuse from vessels
    • ICG: absorbs near infrared, emits infrared, doesnt leak from vessels
  4. Possible hazards of fluorescein/ICG?
    • dilation urine discolouration
    • nausea
    • hives
    • asthmatic
    • RARE: anaphylatic, cardiac, respiratory
  5. Diff between inner/outter BRB?
    • inner: clear pic of retinal bv
    • outer: optical barrier to fluorescein and choroidal circulation
  6. Why does the macula appear dark with ICG/FA
    macula has absorbing pigments- luthein, zeaxanthin
  7. What does FAF detect?
    • levels of lipofuscin
    • hyperfluoresce-> cells are compromised
  8. What is FAF good for?
    • monitoring progression of disease
    • edges of lesion are hyperpigmented
  9. ERG purpose and what to look for?
    • - functionality of retina
    • - latency and amplitude
  10. A wave?
    reflects general physiological health of PR- outer retinal layers
  11. B wave?
    • reflects PR to bipolar cell transmission
    • - inner retinal layers
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