MT 104B

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  1. Biceps Brachii
    • O:
    • Long head- supraglenoid tubercle of scapula
    • Short head- coracoids process ofscapula
    • I: Tuberosity of the radius
  2. Coracobrachialis
    • O: Coracoid process of scapula
    • I: Medial mid-humeral shaft
  3. Pectoralis Major
    • O: Medial half of clavicle,
    • sternum & cartalige of 1st-6th ribs
    • I: Crest of greater tubercle of humerus
  4. Serratus Anterior
    • O: surfaces of upper 8 or 9 ribs
    • I: anterior surface of medial border of the scapula
  5. Sternocleidomastoid
    • O:Sternum/Clavicale
    • I: mastoid process
  6. Pectoralis Minor
    • O: 3rd, 4th & 5th rib
    • I: Caracoid process of scapula
  7. Splenius Capitis
    • O:
    • Ligamentum nuchae, spinous process of C7 to T3
    • I: Mastoid process & lateral portion of superior nuchal line
  8. Levator Scapula
    • O: TP of C1-C4
    • I: upper region of medial border
    • & superior angle of scapula
  9. Triceps Brachii
    • O:Infraglenoid tubercle, proximal half of humerus,
    • distal half of humerus
    • I: Olecranon process of the unal
  10. Rectus Abdominus
    • O: Pubic crest pubic symphysis
    • I: Cartilage of 5th, 6th and 7th ribs and
    • xiphoid process
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