Brain Terms

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  1. Brainstem
    • the oldest and central core of the brain, beginning where the spinal cord swells as it enters the skull
    • responsible for automatic survival functions
  2. Medulla
    • base of the brainstem
    • controls heartbeat and breathing
  3. Reticular formation
    a nerve network in the brainstem that plays an important role in controlling arousal
  4. Thalamus
    • the brain's sensory switchboard, located on the top of the brainstem
    • directs messages to the sensory receiving areas in the cortex and transmits replies to the cerebellum and medulla
  5. Cerebellum
    • the "little brain" at the rear of the brainstem
    • functions include processing sensory input and coordinating movement output and balance
  6. Limbic System
    • neural system (including the hippocampus, amygdala, and hypothalamus) located below the cerebral hemisphere
    • associated with emotions and drives
  7. Amygdala
    • two lima bean-sized neural clusters in the limbic system
    • linked to emotion
  8. Hypothalamus
    • a neural structure lying below (hypo) the thalamus
    • directs several body maintenance activities (eating, drinking, body temperature), helps govern the endocrine system via the pituitary gland, and is linked to emotion and reward
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