Mastermind Systems

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  1. Under 2500
    Whenever an agent has less than 2500 presentations in Planet Altig for the week previous, that agent needs to ride in the car with their manager once the next week with the focus on increasing closing ratio.
  2. Under 20
    Whenever an agent has less than 20 presentations in Planet Altig for the week previous said agent needs to ride in the car with their manager once the next week with the focus on increasing activity.
  3. 2 day blank
    Whenever an agent has no enrollments with proper activity (8 sits) over 2 days, that agent needs to ride in the car with their manager the same week to fix the agent. This is most important to check Tuesday night and set them up for Thur or Fri ride!!
  4. Managers Meeting
    All answers WRITTEN on sheet by ALL managers. This will assure nothing is missed. (Ride schedule and details emailed to Maust.)
  5. PREP-Release Meeting
    Packet needs to be 100% filled out before this meeting. Action items for what is missing should be written on front page and inspected at Pre-Release Meeting.
  6. Pre-Release Meeting
    Done with person who did not do the training nor is in hierarchy. Should be 2 managers doing it together whenever possible. Needs to be tough. Needs to inspect and drill every area of the business. Scripts, entrances, referrals, booking in home, ect. Need to have seen 20 presentations and completed 5 FULL presentations in front of a manager to be released.
  7. Coding Agents
    Agent coded 5%, but most of the time should write their own 10% and 15% while in the car with a manager (1-2 presentations a day, manager does rest and keeps business)
  8. Coaching Calls
    done nightly. NOT TEXTS. If they text you, call them until they answer. Drop-by their house if needed like Rob did. You will not have to do this for long as they will all respect you and call you nightly when they know you are serious about their success.  Call must focus on activity.
    Under2500? Schedule a video. 2 Day Blank? Schedule a video. Not to replace but to supplement other tools. No agent released without video review sheetfilled out by manager and attached to pre-release packet.
  10. Mod Inbox
    Checked Daily.  MODs and advance report issues called 3 times a day from day put in planet. 5 days after show up, manager does and recodes. After 7 days Mastermind Assistants do and recode
  11. Agent Applications
    checked nightly and again weekly, trial ANY health problems. Need to NET 10,000 a month to guarantee good quality, and submit 3500 a week.
  12. Dispatch Meetings
    Daily at Noon.  Agents must be in group room by 11:45 if they are not on track to 20 sits by the end of Thursday.  Each meeting should incorporate script drills and role-playing. Also should address any challenges the agency is having so far this week and last week.  Should end by 1:00pm.  Managers can conduct 1 on 1's during this time.
  13. Hiring
    All managers 100% on script. Sit in on each other's interviews this week with scripts. Highlight areas missed.
  14. Two Hour Callback
    All students need to be called within two hours of hiring them.  Right before you leave the office or after your first sit is the best time for this. Get them pumped up and ready to study, invite them to the Pipeline Lunch (or breakfast), and setup nightly call starting tonight.
  15. Field Journals
    Should be kept by all agents not averaging 3500 per week.  Should be a summary of each sit and what the agent did well, what they didn't do well, why it was or wasn't an enrollment, what they learned.  Should be inspected daily.
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All the Mastermind Systems to be followed to run a successful 4x4
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