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  1. Hemodialysis length of time
    12 hours a week total; 3-4 hr treatments per week; may be at home
  2. Peritoneal dialysis-continuous ambulatory peritoneal dialysis
    4-5 times/day, 24 hours, 7 days a week at scheduled intervals
  3. Peritoneal dialysis-continuous cycle peritoneal dialysis
    cycler machine for exchanges during the night then disconnects from cycler in the morning; dialysate is left in the ABD cavity to dwell in the day
  4. Hemodialysis system
    arterial blood-blood pressure monitor-blood pump-dialyzer which is artificial kidney-clot and air bubble traps-pressure monitor-dialysate outflow-dialysate inflow-venous blood
  5. What conditions for hemodialysis
    fluid overload (edema), uremic manifestations, pericarditis, neurologic problems, hepatic coma, poisoning or med overdose, hyperkalemia
  6. What conditions for peritoneal dialysis
    if pt is hemodynamically unstable diabetes and CV disease), older adults, severe HTN, heart failure, pulmonary edema
  7. Equipment needed for hemodialysis
    dialyzer, dialysate, vascular access routes, hemodialysis machine
  8. Equipment needed for peritoneal dialysis
    silicone catheter with radiopaque strip, sterile dialysate (warned to body temp), drainage bad
  9. Location of dialyzing membrane for hemodialysis
    dialyzer (semi-permeable membrane), vascular access route-AV fistula, AV graft
  10. Location of dialyzing membrane for peritoneal dialysis
    peritoneum, intra-abdonimal catheter (surgically placed in the ABD cavity on nondominant side for infusion of dialysate
  11. Complications of hemodialysis
    thrombosis of AV access, muscle cramps, air embolus, infections, sleep disturbances, hemodynamic changes (hypotension, cardiac dysrhythmias, anemia, PVD)
  12. Complications of peritoneal dialysis-acute
    peritonitis, leakage, bleeding, pain
  13. Complications of peritoneal dialysis-long term
    abdominal hernias, hemorrhoids, low back pain, clots in peritoneal catheter, constipation
  14. Dialysis nursing interventions (slide 23)
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