Test Review Ch. 2

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  1. immersion oil
    has the same refractive index as glass which "keeps light from escaping"
  2. gram positive=
    thick peptidoglycan, stains purple
  3. gram negative=
    stains red, fatty outer membrane, thin layer peptidogylcan
  4. buffer
    compound that keeps pH from changing
  5. isotopes
    atoms with different numbers of neutrons
  6. four most common elements
    carbon, hydrogen, oxygen and nitrogen
  7. covalent bond
    shared electrons between two atoms
  8. valence
    # of missing or extra electrons in outer shell
  9. mole
    6.02X10 to the 23rd
  10. endergonic
    energy to hold bond together (synthesis)
  11. exergonic
    breaks things apart and release energy (decomposition)
  12. name three nucleotides
    • -pentose sugar
    • -phosphate group
    • -nitrogen
  13. bacillus
    refers to shape of bacteria
  14. Bacillus
    genus of bacteria
  15. outer membrane of a cell is composed of
    lipds, lipoprotein and lipopolysaccharide
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