Latin Vocab Ch 1

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  1. Farmer
    agricola, agricolae, m.
  2. Water
    aqua, aquae f.
  3. Woman
    fēmina, fēminae f.
  4. Chance, luck, fortune
    fortūna, fortūnae f.
  5. Sailor
    natua, natuae m.
  6. Money, property
    pecūnia, pecūniae f.
  7. Rose
    rosa, rosae f.
  8. To love
    amō, amāre, amāvī, amātus
  9. "ought to, should"; to owe; to be obligated to
    dēbeō, dēbēre, dēbuī, dēbitus
  10. To have; consider
    habeō, habēre, habuī, habitus
  11. To lie (on the ground)
    iaceō, iacēre, iacuī, iacitūrus
  12. To help; please
    iuvō, iuvāre, iūvī, iūtus
  13. To work, strive
    labōrō, labōrāre, labōrāvī, labōrātus
  14. To praise
    laudō, laudāre, laudāvī, laudātus
  15. To advise, warn, remind
    moneō, monēre, monuī, monitus
  16. To choose, desire, wish for
    optō, optāre, optāvī, optātus
  17. To overcome, conquer, surpass
    superō, superāre, superāvī, superātus
  18. To be silent
    taceō, tacēre, tacuī, tacitūrus
  19. To terrify, scare
    terreō, terrēre, terruī, territus
  20. To fear, be afraid (of)
    timeō, timēre, timuī
  21. To see
    videō, vidēre, vīdī, vīsus
  22. To call, summon
    vocō, vocāre, vocāvī, vocātus
  23. signals a yes or no question (no English translation)
    -ne (attached to the end of the first word in the sentence, usually the most important word in the question)

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