6th Grade Math Vocabulary

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  1. What is a sum?
    It is the answer to an addition problem.
  2. What is a difference?
    The answer to a subtraction problem.
  3. What is a product?
    The answer to a multiplication problem.
  4. What is a quotient?
    The answer to a division problem.
  5. What is a divisor?
    The number on the outside of a division problem. The number you are dividing by. "Divisor is knocking at the door."
  6. What is a dividend?
    The number on the inside of a division problem. The number being divided. "Dividend is within."
  7. What is a prime number?
    A number that is only divisible by one and itself.
  8. What is a composite number?
    The opposite of a prime number. Isn't just divisible by one and itself.
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