Exam 1 Fundamentals

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  1. Defines nursing as the PROTECTION, PROMOTION, and OPTIMIZATION of health and abilities;prevention of illness and injury; alleviation of suffering through the dx and tx of human responses; and ADVOCACY in the care of individuals, families , communities and population.
    ANA (American Nurses Association)
  2. Defines nursing as: Nursing encompasses AUTONOMOUS and COLLABORATIVE care of individuals of ALL ages, families, groups and communities; sick or well and in all settings.
    ICN (International Council of Nurses)

    ***ANA is a part of ICN***
  3. What is the role of a nurse?
    • Promotion of health
    • Prevent illness
    • Caring for ill,disabled, and dying
    • Advocacy
    • Promotion of safe environment
    • Research
    • Shaping hlth policy
    • hlth system management¬†
    • Education
  4. What is Independent nursing Intervention?
  5. Established first nursing philosophy based off of maintenance and restoration?
    Florence Nightingale
  6. Founded AMERICAN Red Cross
    Clara Barton
  7. Who was Lilian Wald and Mary Brewster?
    Henry Street Settlement
  8. Mary Mahoney
    First African american nurse
  9. What is the Nurses Association Alumnae
  10. First professor of nursing
    Mary Nutting
  11. Who/what established the Center for Ethics and Human Rights?
    American Nurses Association
  12. Last Act Campaign
    Developed standards and policy for end of life care
  13. This describes a competent level of behavior in the professional role. It provides guidelines for nurses to be accountable for their actions, their patient, and their peers.
    Standards of Professional Performance
  14. Standards of Professional Performance includes:
    • Ethics
    • Educations
    • Evidence Based Practices and Research¬†
    • Quality of Practice
    • Communcation¬†
    • leadership
    • Collaboration
    • Professional Practice Eval
    • Resources
    • Environmental Health
  15. Describes a competent level of nursing care
    Standard of Nursing Practice
  16. A beginning nursing student
  17. A nurse who has had SOME level of experience
    Advanced Beginner
  18. A nurse who has been in the SAME clinical position for 2-3 years
  19. A nurse with MORE than 3 years experience in the same clinical position
  20. A nurse with DIVERSE experience who has an intuitive grasp of an existing or potential clinical problem
  21. Mean that you are responsible, professionally and LEGALLY for the type and quality of nursing care provided
  22. Who is considered community health nurses regardless of public health experience
    Nurses with a graduate degree and practicing in community settings.,
  23. What is included in community assessment?
    • Structure
    • Population
    • Social System
  24. You have to have an adequate understanding of what to have successful health promotion and change
    THe environment
  25. What does Essential Public Health functions include?
    • Community assessment
    • Policy development
    • Access to resources
  26. If a change is more advantageous, compatible, realistic, and easy to adapt a patient is.....
    More likely to accept it
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