VMED5123 Extrinsic mm.

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  1. superficial pectoral origin
    origin: first 2 sternebrae and usually part of the 3rd ; median fibrous raphe between fellow muscles

  2. deep pectoral  origin
    origin: the deep abdominal fascia in the region of the xiphoid cartilage;

    from the 2nd (sometimes manubrium) to the xiphoid

    *considered the abdominal slip
  3. Brachiocephalicus: cleidobrachialis origin
    origin: Clavicle (clavicular intersection)
  4. Brachiocephalicus: cleidocephalicus pars cervicalis origin
    origin: clavicle (clavicular intersection)
  5. Brachiocephalicus: cleidocephalicus pars mastoidea origin
    origin: clavicle (clavicular intersection)
  6. superficial pectoral insertion
    insertion: whole crest of the greater tubercle of the humerus
  7. superficial pectoral action
    action: adduct limb when non-weight bearing;

    prevent abduction when weight bearing
  8. deep pectoral insertion
    insertion: major portion partly muscular, partly tendonous on lesser tubercle of the humerus;

    aponeurosis to the crest of the greater tubercle of the humerus;

    caudal part to medial brachial fascia
  9. deep pectoral action
    action: pull trunk cranially and extend shoulder joint when weight bearing;

    draw limb caudally and flex shoulder joint when non-weight bearing (adduct limb)
  10. brachiocephalicus: cleidobrachialis insertion
    insertion: distal end of cranial border of the humerus
  11. brachiocephalicus: cleidobrachialis action
    action: advance limb

    extend shoulder

    draw head and neck to the side
  12. brachiocephalicus: cleidocephalicus pars cervicalis insertion
    insertion: nuchal crest of occipital bone

    cranial half of mid-dorsal fibrous raphe
  13. brachiocephalicus: cleidocephalicus pars cervicalis action
    action: advance limb

    extend shoulder

    draw head and neck to the side
  14. brachiocephalicus: cleidocephalicus pars mastoidea insertion
    insertion: mastoid part of temporal bone with sternomastoideus m.
  15. brachiocephalicus: cleidocephalicus pars mastoidea action
    action: advance limb

    extend shoulder

    draw head and neck to the side
  16. omotransversarius origin
    origin: wing of the atlas (C1)
  17. omotransversarius insertion
    insertion: distal end of spine of scapula
  18. omotransversarius action
    action: advance limb and flex neck laterally
  19. trapezius origin
    origin: median fibrous raphe of the neck from C3-T9
  20. trapezius insertion
    insertion: proximal 1/3 of the spine of the scapula
  21. trapezius action
    action: elevate and abduct the forelimb
  22. rhomboideus origin
    origin: nuchal crest of occipital bone

    median fibrous raphe of neck

    spinous processes of T1-T7
  23. rhomboideus insertion
    insertion: dorsal border and adjacent surfaces of scapula
  24. rhomboideus action
    action: elevate forelimb and draw scapula against trunk
  25. latissimus dorsi origin
    origin: The thoracolumbar fascia from the spinous processes of the lumbar and the last seven or eight thoracic vertebrae; a muscular attachment to the last two or three ribs.
  26. latissimus dorsi insertion
    insertion: The teres major tuberosity of the humerus and the teres major tendon.
  27. latissimus dorsi action
    action:To draw the free limb caudally as in digging; to flex the shoulder joint
  28. serratus ventralis origin
    origin: The transverse processes of the last five cervical vertebrae and the first seven or eight ribs ventral to their middle
  29. serratus ventralis insertion
    insertion:The dorsomedial third of the scapula (serrated face)
  30. serratus ventralis action
    action:To support the trunk and depress the scapula. 

    *aids in inspiration
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