GRE List 4

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  1. ensconce
    • vt. 安置:settle securely
    • vt. 隐藏:hiding
  2. denounce
    • vt. 公开指责:public or formal disapproval
    • vt. 宣称...道德上错误、可耻:morally wrong
  3. renounce
    • vt. (正式地)放弃:give up
    • vt. 宣布与...决裂:refuse to follow
  4. farce
    • n. (带有嘲讽元素的)滑稽戏:broadly satirical comedy
    • n. 闹剧:ridiculous
  5. coerce
    vt. (以武力)强制:force or threat
  6. acquiesce
    v. 勉强同意;默许:accept, submit tacitly or passively
  7. coalesce
    v. 合并,融合:to unite into a whole: fuse
  8. convalesce
    vi. 渐渐康复,渐愈:recover gradually
  9. effervesce
    • vi. 冒泡:bubble
    • vi. 兴奋,热情洋溢:high spirits
  10. seduce
    vt. 劝说(使不忠,使不服从),诱...误入歧途:persuade
  11. truce
    n. 休战,休战协定:suspension of fighting
  12. barricade
    • n. 障碍物:obstruction or rampart
    • vt. 用障碍物阻止通过:prevent access
  13. renegade
    n. 背教者,叛徒:rejects a religion, allegiance
  14. stockade
    • n. 栅栏,围栏:enclosure
    • n. 监狱:confinement
  15. accolade
    • n. 同意,赞赏:an expression of approval
    • v. 赞扬:praise
  16. charade
    • n. 装模作样:intended to deceive
    • n. 动作字谜:words are presented in pantomime
  17. abrade
    v. 磨损,精神上折磨:wear away by friction
  18. masquerade
    • n. 面具,伪装:display of emotion that is insincere
    • vi. 伪装,延时:disguise oneself
  19. retrograde
    • adj. 倒退的:moving backward
    • vi. 退步,退化:decline
  20. tirade
    n. 长篇抨击性演讲:a long angry speech, usually of a censorious or denunciatory nature
  21. dissuade
    vt. 劝阻,反对:deter by persuasion or exhortation
  22. pervade
    vt. 弥漫,充满:to be present throughout
  23. cede
    vt. (根据条约)放弃,割让:surrender possession of
  24. accede
    • v. 赞成:approval or give consent
    • v. 就任,任职:come into an office
  25. concede
    • vt. 承认:grant
    • v. 停止抵抗:cease resistance
  26. impede
    vt. 妨碍,阻碍:slow the progress of
  27. chide
    v. 责备:scold mildly
  28. bromide
    n. 陈词滥调:hackneyed statement
  29. deride
    vt. 嘲弄,嘲笑:contemptuous mirth
  30. stride
    vi. 迈大步走:move with long steps
  31. subside
    vi. 下陷,下沉,减弱:tend downward
  32. decode
    • vt. 解码:change from code into ordinary language
    • vt. 对...有清晰想法,理解,解读:have a clear idea of
  33. implode
    v. (使)剧烈收缩,(使)坍塌,(使)内爆:collapse inward
  34. discommode
    vt. 打扰,使不便:trouble
  35. erode
    v. 侵蚀,慢慢减少:consume or wear away gradually
  36. preclude
    • vt. 预先阻止:make impossible, as by action taken in advance
    • vt. 排斥:exclude
  37. allude
    vi. 间接提到:convey an idea indirectly
  38. collude
    v. 串通,共谋(做坏事):act together secretly to achieve fraudulent, deceitful; conspire
  39. denude
    vt. 脱去,使赤裸:make bare
  40. prude
    n. 过分正经的人:一个过分关心自己是否得体、谦逊或正确的人:greatly concerned with seemly behavior and morality
  41. protrude
    vi. 突出:jut out; project
  42. solitude
    n. 孤独,避世:being alone
  43. turpitude
    n. 卑鄙:inherent baseness
  44. pulchritude
    n. 美丽:beauty and appeal
  45. lassitude
    n. 乏力,没精打采:diminished energy
  46. vicissitude
    n. 自然变化,变迁兴衰:natural change
  47. latitude
    n. (行动或言论)自由:freedom from natural restraints
  48. platitude
    • n. 陈词滥调: banal remark or statement
    • n. 缺乏原创性:lack of originality
  49. rectitude
    n. 正直:moral integrity
  50. plentitude
    n. 大量:ample amount
  51. exude
    v. 分泌,流出:flow forth
  52. referee
    • n. 仲裁者;裁判员:a person who impartially decides or resolves a dispute
    • vt. (就纠纷或争议)给出意见:give an opinion
  53. repartee
    • n. 机智的回答:witty response
    • n. 打趣,善意的玩笑:good-natured teasing
  54. fail-safe
    • n. 保险措施:to preclude loss or injury
    • adj. 万无一失的:having no chance of failure
  55. gaffe
    • n. (社交上)失礼,失态:social or diplomatic blunder
    • n. 明显的错误,错误判断:blatant mistake
  56. rife
    adj. 丰富的,普遍的:possessing with great numbers
  57. disengage
    vt. 分开,使脱离:set free from entanglement
  58. persiflage
    n. 打趣: teasing
  59. camouflage
    v./n. 伪装;伪装手段:behavior or artifice designed to deceive or hide
  60. homage
    n. 尊敬,敬意:respect
  61. badinage
    n. 打趣,善意的玩笑:playful repartee, banter
  62. rage
    n./v. 暴怒:violent and uncontrolled anger
  63. disparage
    vt. 贬低;轻蔑地说:lower in rank; disrespectful
  64. mirage
    n. 海市蜃楼,幻想:illusory
  65. barrage
    • n. 弹幕:curtain
    • n. 有压倒之势的、集中的倾泻(如言语):an over whelming
    • v. (同时)袭来:attack with a rapid or overwhelming outpouring of many things at once
  66. sage
    n. 智者:wisdom
  67. presage
    • n. 征兆:sign or warning
    • vt. 预示,预言:predict
  68. montage
    n. 大杂烩:collection
  69. sabotage
    • n. 妨害,破坏:hinder a cause
    • vt. 从事破坏活动,阻止:practice sabotage
  70. assuage
    • vt. 缓和,减轻:lessen the intensity
    • vt. 平息,抚慰:pacify or calm
    • vt. 使满足:satisfying
  71. salvage
    vt. (从灾难中)抢救:save from loss
  72. cadge
    v. 乞讨,乞求:beg
  73. abridge
    • v. 缩短,缩小:shorten
    • v. 在不改变本意的条件下删减词语,缩写:shorten by omission of words without sacrifice of sense
  74. dodge
    v. 躲避:avoid
  75. hodgepodge
    n. 大杂烩:mixture of dissimilar
  76. budge
    • v. (使)改变立场或态度:alter a position
    • v. 停止抵抗,屈服:cease resistance
  77. nudge
    • vt. 用肘推以引起注意:to seek the attention of by a push of the elbow
    • vt. 说服某人做某事:persuade
  78. trudge
    vi. 吃力而笨拙地走:move heavily or clumsily
  79. sacrilege
    n. 亵渎圣物:profanation, theft of something sacred
  80. prestige
    n. 声望,威望:respect
  81. vestige
    n. 微小的痕迹,小痕迹:the smallest quantity or trace
  82. bulge
    • n. 凸起:protuberant
    • n. 比赛中的优势地位:the more favorable condition 
    • n. 暴涨,突增,在数目或数量上突然而且是临时性的增加:a sudden, usually temporary increase
    • vi. 充满:be copiously supplied
  83. divulge
    vt. 泄漏(秘密):make known (as a confidence or secret)
  84. estrange
    vt. 使疏远,离间,使感情失和:enmity or indifference, friendliness
  85. revenge
    • n. 报复,报仇:retaliating
    • vt. 为...复仇:avenge by retaliating in kind
  86. fringe
    • n. 边缘:border
    • vt. 与...接壤,位于...的边缘:adjacent
  87. constringe
    vt. 使紧缩:draw together
  88. singe
    vt. 轻微烧焦:burn superficially
  89. tinge
    vt. 给...着上少量的色彩:color with a slight shade or stain: tint
  90. plunge
    • vi. 突然下降:descend suddenly
    • vt. 插入,刺入:penetrate
  91. surcharge
    v./n. 过高收费:charge much
  92. discharge
    • vt. 解雇:dismiss
    • vt. 释放:set free
    • n. 不承担责任:freeing from an obligation or responsibility
  93. submerge
    vt. 使淹没:put under water
  94. diverge
    • vt. 改变方向:change one's direction
    • vt. (使)分叉,散开:move in different directions from a central point
    • vi. 分歧:be different in character; differ in opinion
    • vi. 离题:depart from a set course
  95. converge
    v. 汇集,交汇于一点:move toward one point
  96. dirge
    n. 挽歌:solemn, mournful piece of music
  97. forge
    • v. 伪造:imitate falsely
    • v. 锻造,铸就:form
  98. gorge
    • n. 峡谷:canyon
    • v. 狼吞虎咽:eat greedily
  99. disgorge
    • v. 呕吐出:discharge by the throat and mouth; vomit
    • v. 被迫放弃:give up on request
  100. gauge
    • n. 测量标准:a measurement according to some standard
    • vt. 判定:determine
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