VMED5123 Scapula and Shoulder mm.

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  1. deltoideus origin
    origin: The spine and acromial process of the scapula
  2. deltoideus insertion
    insertion: The deltoid tuberosity
  3. deltoideus action
    action: To flex the shoulder joint.
  4. infraspinatus origin
    origin: The infraspinous fossa
  5. infraspinatus insertion
    insertion: A small, circumscribed area on the lateral side of the greater tubercle of the humerus .
  6. infraspinatus action
    • action: extend/flex shoulder joint
    • abduct shoulder
    • rotate brachium laterally
    • laterally stabilize shoulder joint

    *its tendon functions as a lateral collateral ligament of the shoulder
  7. teres minor origin
    origin: The infraglenoid tubercle and distal third of the caudal border of the scapula
  8. teres minor insertion
    insertion: The teres minor tuberosity of the humerus
  9. teres minor action
    action: To flex the shoulder joint, rotate the shoulder laterally, and prevent medial rotation when bearing weight
  10. supraspinatus origin
    origin: The supraspinous fossa
  11. supraspinatus insertion
    insertion: The greater tubercle of the humerus, by a thick tendon
  12. supraspinatus action
    action: To extend and laterally stabilize the shoulder joint
  13. subscapularis origin
    origin: The subscapular fossa.
  14. subscapularis insertion
    insertion: The lesser tubercle of the humerus
  15. subscapularis action
    action: To adduct, extend, and medially stabilize the shoulder joint. To rotate the shoulder medially and prevent lateral rotation when bearing weight.

    *distal part considered the medial collateral ligament of the shoulder joint
  16. teres major origin
    origin: The caudal angle and adjacent caudal border of the scapula; the caudal surface of the subscapularis.
  17. teres major insertion
    insertion: The teres major tuberosity of the humerus
  18. teres major action
    action: Flex the shoulder, rotate the shoulder medially, and prevent lateral rotation when weight bearing
  19. coracobrachialis origin
    origin:The coracoid process of the scapula
  20. coracobrachialis insertion
    insertion: The crest of the lesser tubercle of the humerus proximal to the teres major tuberosity
  21. coracobrachialis action
    action:To adduct, extend, and stabilize the shoulder joint.

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VMED5123 Scapula and Shoulder mm.
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VMED5123 Scapula Shoulder mm

VMED5123 Scapula and Shoulder mm.
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