Reflexology (MBLEX)

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  1. Dr. responsible for bringing Zone Therapy to the U.S.
    Dr. William Fitzgerald
  2. Who is the connection between Dr. William Fitzgerald & Eunice Ingham
    Dr. Joe Riley
  3. Therapist credited with mapping out Reflexology charts
    Eunice Ingham
  4. The body is viewed in how many segments or zones that run vertically the whole length of the body
  5. Referral Areas
    Hip =
    Upper Arm =
    Knee =
    Forearm =
    Ankle =
    Hand =
    Small Toes =
    Thumb =
    • Hip: Shoulder
    • Upper Arm: Thigh
    • Knee: Elbow
    • Forearm: Calf
    • Ankle: Wrist
    • Hand: Foot
    • Small Toes: Fingers
    • Thumb: Big Toe
  6. Benefits of Reflexology
    • Relaxation
    • Rid of Metabolic Waste
    • Increases Circulation
    • Improves Nerves supply
    • Balance
    • Energy
    • Prevention
    • Non-invasive
    • Efficiency
    • Simplicity
  7. What are some reflexology instruments
    • foot rollers, balls (dryer balls), and other various instruments.
    • only for personal use
  8. How long do you space treatments on someone when they are having a health response from a previous treatment
    24 hrs
  9. What are the guidelines with someone who is sick
    • Don't overwork
    • Shorter, Lighter, More Often
  10. The average length of treatment
    40-50 minutes
  11. Most people see results within ___ to ___ treatments
    four to eight treatments
  12. Regions of the foot
    • Diaphram: sits right under the rib cage, just under the ball of the foot
    • Waist line: middle
    • Pelvic line: heel portion of shoe/pubic bone sacrum
    • Tendon lines: through entire body/near spine
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