Legal Definitions

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  1. what is civil law
    the law that governs the relationships between individuals
  2. what are torts
    the type of law that governs the rights between individuals in non criminal actions. Intentional torts include: civil assault, battery false imprisonment, libel, slander and invasion of privacy
  3. what is assault
    • threat of touching in an injurious way
    • if patient feels harmed he or she can file for assault
  4. what is battery
    • touching a person without permission
    • it implies a willful act to harm or provoke or even the most harmful touch is prohibited if it has not been expressed by the patient
  5. what is false imprisonment
    intentional confinement without authorization by one who physically constricts a person using force
  6. what is libel
    written defamation of character
  7. what is slander
    oral defamation of character
  8. what is invasion of privacy
    patients body being unnecessarily exposed or touched or confidentiality of info has not been maintained
  9. what is malpractice
    a lawsuit against a health care professional
  10. what is the doctrine of res ipsa loquttur
    if an injury happens that could not have occurred if there had no negligence
  11. what is rescinding consent
    cancelling treatment with verbal or in writing at any time
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