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  1. Color Black on Map
    Man made features
  2. Color Red Brown on Map
    Cultural features and elevation spots
  3. Color Blue on Map
    Water features
  4. Color Green on Map
  5. Color Brown on Map
    Cultivated land
  6. Color Red on Map
    Cultural land features
  7. Define Map
    Graphic representation of the Earth from above
  8. What are the 5 major terrain features?
    • Hill
    • Valley
    • Ridge
    • Saddle
    • Depression
  9. Define Ridge
    A set of hills on top of a hill (like peas in a pod on the map)
  10. Define Deppression
    Hole, usually man made
  11. What are the three minor terrain features?
    • Draw
    • Spur
    • Cliff
  12. Define Draw
    The portion on the map that looks like the in between part of the fingers
  13. Define Spur
    The finger part, kinda like a land peninsula
  14. What are two supplementary land features?
    • Cut - man made feature (road)
    • Fill - man made features that are used to fill in / increase height
  15. How do you orientate a map?
    Align the north of a compass with grid north
  16. What is an identifier?
    • Eh / Eg
    • -where the map slice is in the world
  17. How do you do an intersection?
    Two locations spot a spot and measure degrees towards object -> use degrees to locate the spot
  18. How do you do a resection?
    In a location, you spot two landmarks and find the degrees to the two spots to find your location.
  19. What method do I use if I want to find my location?
  20. What method do I use to find the location of an object?
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