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  1. normal specific gravity is generally between
    1.010 and  1.025
  2. if a patient has anemia what laboratory test would be abnormal
    hematocrit and hemoglobin
  3. a nevus in the antecubital area is a
    mole on the inside of the elbow
  4. intradermal injection is at what angle
    15 degrees produces a wheal
  5. open fracture is a
    compound fracture which the broken bone tears open the skin
  6. the type of immunity that develops from having the disease is
    acquired active
  7. the peripheral nervous system is made up of how many pairs of spinal nerves

    12 cranial nerves
  8. the reaction of the purified protein derivative PPD test is read
    48 to 72 hours
  9. the cell from which a muscle develops is called
  10. streptococci are arranged in
  11. sims' position
    left side and chest with right leg flexed
  12. under a managed care plan the physician agrees to
    accept predetermined fee
  13. a function of hemoglobin is
    to carry oxygen and carbon dioxide
  14. medicare claims are processed by
    insurance companies that contract with the federal government
  15. ICD-9 codes that refer to factors that may influence the patient's health status are
  16. which type of insurance organization uses the fee-for-service concept
    preferred provider organization PPO
  17. levels of infection control from lowest to the highest
    sanitization , disinfection , sterilization
  18. aural temperature measures
    tympanic membrane
  19. for coding a diagnosis the first place to go is
    volume II of the ICD-9
  20. a cold compress should last about
    20 minutes
  21. a subcutaneous tissue and muscle burn is
    third degree
  22. a lower gastrointestinal GI series is performed to outline the
  23. ventral region of the body is the
  24. sterile-wrapped items can be considered sterile for up to
    21 to 28 days
  25. intramuscular injection what size needle is used
    1½ inch 21 gauge
  26. 2 years old child's pulse rate should be at a range of
    70-110 beats per minute
  27. the largest part of the brain is
  28. a standard electrocardiogram has how many leads
  29. standard leads are
    I , II , III bipolar leads or standard
  30. augmented leads are
    aVR , aVL , aVF
  31. chest or precordial precordial leads are
  32. objective data is
    vital signs
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