Chap 3 Heath and Illness

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  1. What is the definition of health?
    state of complete physical, mental and social well-being, not merely the absence of disease.
  2. What is the definition of morbidity?
    how frequently the disease occurs
  3. What is the definition of mortality?
    numbers of death from the disease
  4. What is the definition of wellness?
    an active state of being healthy by living a lifestyle that promotes good physical, mental, and emotional state.
  5. What is the definition of disease?
    a pathologic change in the structure or function of the body or mind.
  6. What is the definition of an illness?
    a persons response to a disease.
  7. What is an acute illness?
    a rapid onset of symptoms and lasts a short amount of time
  8. What are the stages of an acute illness?
    • 1. Experiencing symptoms
    • 2. Assuming the sick role
    • 3. Assuming the dependent role
    • 4. Acheiving recovery and rehabilitation.
  9. What happens when a person assumes the sick role?
    • Person defines themself as sick.
    • May do nothing, hometreat, seek validation or see a healthcare professional
  10. What happens when a person assumes the dependent role?
    • person accepts diagnosis and treatment plan.
    • person may require assistance in daily routine and need emotional support
  11. What defines a chronic illness?
    • it is a permenant change
    • it causes, or is caused by, irreversible alterations in normal anatomy and physiology
    • It requires special patient education for rehab
    • It requires a long term period of support or care
  12. What is remission?
    when the disease is present but the person does not have symptoms
  13. What is exacerbation?
    when the symptoms of a disease reappear
  14. what are the 6 human dimensions
    • Physical
    • Emotional
    • Intellectual
    • Environmental
    • Sociocultural
    • Spiritual
  15. What are the 6 risk factors for disease?
    • Age
    • Genetics
    • Phsyiology
    • Health habits
    • Lifestyle
    • Environment
  16. What is health promotion?
    behavior of an individual that is motivated by a personal desire to increase well-being and health potential.
  17. What is primary health promotion and illness prevention?
    education individuals or groups about health promotion/illness prevention
  18. What is secondary Health promotion and illness prevention?
    screening and early detection of diseases with prompt diagnosis and treatment
  19. What is tertiary health promotion and illness prevention?
    reduces disability and helps rehabilitate patients to a maximum level of functioning.
  20. What is the health belief model?
    what people believe to be true in relation to their health.
  21. What are the three components of individual perceptions of health?
    • perceived susceptibility to a disease
    • perceived seriousness of a disease
    • perceived benefits of action 
  22. What is the health promotion model?
    incorporates individual characteristics and experiences and behavior specific knowledge and beliefs to motivate health-promoting behavior
  23. What is the health-illness continuum?
    views health as a constantly changing states
  24. What is the agent-host-environment model?
    model used to explore the causes of illness
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