Tour Canada - Video Study

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  1. Where in British Columbia can people enjoy an 11km beach?
    At Pacific Rim National Park
  2. Where in British Columbia can people see the English, Florentine and Japanese gardens?
    the Butchard Gardens
  3. On Vancouver Island, tourists visit the legislature buildings in...?
  4. What are two tourists sites in British Columbia?
    • 1000 acre Stanley Park
    • the Capilano Swinging Bridge built in 1899
  5. Vancouver has gone from mill town to metropolis in less than...?
    100 years.
  6. What is Canada's third largest city?
  7. What is the area around Lake Okanagan known as and why?
    Canada's richest fruit baskets due to its good climate and soil.
  8. In British Columbia, what river is 1370km long?
    Fraser River
  9. Where is Canada's largest glacier?
  10. Where is Canada's Wascana Park?
    Regina, Saskatchewan
  11. Where is Canada's oldest national park?
  12. Where is the mall with 500 stores?
    Edmonton, Alberta
  13. Where is the Stampede?
    Calgary, Alberta
  14. Where was oil discovered in 1947?
    Leduc, Alberta
  15. Where is Canada's breadbasket?
  16. Where was Lake Diefenbaker formed?
    Gardner Dam
  17. Where is Canada's longest swinging bridge?
    Souris, Manitoba
  18. Where is the Waikiki of the North?
    Lake Winnipeg
  19. Where is the Royal Canadian Mint Gateway to the West?
    Winnipeg, Manitoba
  20. Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta are often referred to as the...?
    Prairie Provinces
  21. Where is the Terry Fox monument?
    Thunder Bay
  22. In Ontario, where can you find Blue Mountain pottery?
    Calling Wood
  23. In Ontario, where can you find Gatineau, Rideau, Ottawa R?
  24. In Ontario, where is the Shakespearean Festival held?
  25. Where are Canada's busiest locks located?
    Sault Ste. Marie
  26. In Ontario, where can you find the Big Nickel?
  27. In Ontario, where is the Eaton Centre?
  28. In Ontario, where is Queen's Park?
  29. In Ontario, where can you find Science North?
  30. In Ontario, what city has the Floral Clock?
    Niagara Falls
  31. When were the Olympics held in Quebec?
    In the summer of 1976.
  32. What's a Quebec baseball team?
    the Expos
  33. What is Canada's second largest city?
  34. Today, tourists visit the Chateau Frontenac and the Plains of______in ______?
    Abraham, Quebec City
  35. In Quebec, 1534, who landed in what peninsula and introduced the French language and culture to the region?
    Jacques Cartier landed in the Gaspe peninsula of Quebec.
  36. What tourist site can be found in New Brunswick on the Saint John River?
    the Reverse Falls
  37. In Hartland, New Brunswick, tourists can see a 391 long...?
    Covered Bridge
  38. In New Brunswick, King's Landing is the replica of what settlement?
    A Loyalist settlement.
  39. Where can tides up to 50 feet be found?
    In the Bay of Fundy
  40. What is Canada's only bilingual province?
    New Brunswick
  41. What's a famous lighthouse in Nova Scotia?
    Peggy's Cove
  42. In Nova Scotia, where is the star-shaped fort?
    On Citadel Hill.
  43. What is Canada's biggest port city, and what ocean is it on?
    Halifax, on the Atlantic Ocean
  44. In Nova Scotia, the Cabot Trail is a  300km highway on what island?
    Cape Breton Island
  45. What is the red soil in P.E.I. good for growing?
  46. What can tourists enjoy in P.E.I.?
    800km of sandy beaches.
  47. In P.E.I., what play can you watch at the Festival Theatre?
    Ann of Green Gabels
  48. In Prince Edward Island, what do you call the legislature buildings?
    the cradle of Confederation
  49. What year did Newfoundland join Confederation?
  50. In Newfoundland, what was the site of the battle between France and England called?
    Signal Hill
  51. Together, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland are referred to as the...?
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