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  1. What is Hyperemesis Gravidarum?
    excessive nausea and vomiting that interferes with food intake and fluid balance
  2. How can you tell a women with Hyperemesis Gravidarum is dehydrated?
    • Skin tenting
    • Dry tongue and mucous membranes
    • Scant/concentrated urine
    • High Hematocrit level
  3. What is treatment for a patient with Hyperemesis Gravidarum?
    • Oral/IV fluids
    • Antiemetic drugs
  4. Cramping and backache with light spotting; cervix is closed and no tissue is passed?
    Threatened abortion
  5. Increased bleeding, cramping, cervix dilates
    Inevitable abortion
  6. Bleeding, cramping, dilation of cervix, passage of tissue
    Incomplete abortion
  7. Passage of all products of conception; cervix closes and bleeding stops
    Complete abortion
  8. Fetus dies in utero, but is not expelled; uterine growth stops, sepsis can occur.
    Missed abortion
  9. Two or more consecutive spontaneous abortions, usually caused by incompetent cervix or progesterone levels inadequate to maintain pregnancy
    Recurrent Abortion
  10. A pregnancy that occurs when the fertilized ovum is implanted outside the uterine cavity.
    ectopic pregnancy
  11. What are some manifestations of ectopic pregnancy?
    • lower abd. pain
    • light vaginal bleeding
  12. What can happen if the tube ruptures in a tubal ectopic pregnancy?
    • sudden severe abd. pain
    • vaginal bleeding
    • hypovolemic shock
    • shoulder pain
  13. Signs ans symptoms of hypovolemic shock ?
    • FHR change
    • inc. pulse
    • inc. irregular resp.
    • decr. blood pressure
    • decr. urinary output
    • cold clammy skin
  14. Hydatidiform Mole occurs from what?
    when chorionic villi abnormally increase and develop vesicles
  15. What are some manifestations of Hydatidiform Mole?
    • Bleeding
    • rapid uterine growth
    • failure to detect fetal activity
    • Hyperemesis Gravidarum
    • Early GH
    • High hCG levels
    • Snowstorm pattern on ultrasound
  16. What is the treatment for HM.
    • Uterine evacuation
    • Dilation and evacuation
  17. What should a women who had HM have monitored?
    hCG levels, because she has an increased risk for cancer
  18. What is placenta previa?
    abnormal implantation of the placenta
  19. What is the manifestation of Placenta previa?
    painless bright red bleeding
  20. 3 Degrees of Placenta Previa
    Marginal: 2-3 cm within cervical opening

    Partial: covers part of cervix

    Total: covers cervix completely
  21. What is Abruptio Placentae?
    Normal implantation of the placenta that detaches from the uterine wall
  22. What is the manifestation of Abruptio placentae
    Painful dark red bleeding
  23. Preeclampsia?
    Gestational hypertension with proteinuria
  24. Ecclampsia?
    Gestational hypertension, CNS involvement
  25. What can be a sign that a women has gestational hypertension?
    edema of the hands and face
  26. Risk factors for GH?
    • 1st pregnancy
    • obesity
    • Family Hx
    • Age over 40, under 19
    • multifetal pregnancy
    • chronic hypertension
    • renal disease
    • DM
  27. What is the TX for GH?
    • Activity restriction
    • BP monitor
    • Daily weight
    • Monitor Proteinuria
    • Antihypertensive
  28. What is the drug of choice during pregnancy to control seizures?
    Magnesium sulfate
  29. Rh incompatibility occurs when?
    • Mom is Rh negative and fetus is Rh positive and fetal blood leaks into moms blood
    • the mom then makes antibodies against the RH + erythrocytes
  30. What is Erythroblastosis Fetalis?
    Occurs when the maternal anti Rh antibodies cross the placenta and destroy fetal erythrocytes
  31. What is the TX for erythroblastosis fetalis?
    RhoGAM to women 28 weeks gestation and 72 hours after birth
  32. Glucose intolerance with the onset during pregnancy
    Gestational GM
  33. True/False: 
    Glucose usually returns to normal by 6 weeks postpartum
  34. What are some hormones that are produced by the placenta,in regards to GDM?
    estrogen, progesterone
  35. What are the 2 functions of the hormones?
    • Increase resistance of the cells to insulin
    • Increase speed of insulin breakdown
  36. What is the preferred medication for GDM
  37. What are some factors linked to GDM
    • Maternal obesity
    • Large infant
    • Maternal age ^ 25 yrs
    • Previous still birth
    • Hx of GDM
    • Family Hx of DM
    • Fasting glucose of 126-200
  38. What is the TX for GDM?
    • Diet
    • monitor blood glucose
    • Ketone monitor
    • Exercise
  39. What are 3 reasons why mom needs iron?
    • - to increase blood volume
    • - transfer for fetus
    • -cushion against expected blood loss during labor
  40. Food high in iron?
    meats, fish, liver, legumes, dark leafy greens, dried fruit
  41. Foods high in folic acid?
    green leafy veggies, whole grains, liver, fruit
  42. Foods ^ in Vit. C
    Citric foods, and juices, strawberry, cantaloupe, cabbage, peppers, potatoes
  43. What foods are recommended to take with iron supplements.
    Citric foods/vitamin C
  44. What foods should be avoided with intake of iron supplement?
  45. What is a TX for Iron deficiency anemia?
    • Iron Supplements
    • Vitamin C
  46. Folic Acid Deficiency Anemia TX
    Folic Acid supplement
  47. Autosomal recessive disorder, which causes erythrocytes to become distorted in a sickle shape because of abnormal hemoglobin
    Sickle cell anemia
  48. What can happen to a mom with sickle cell anemia
    • Pregnancy can cause a crisis
    • also massive RBC destruction and vessel occlusion
  49. Genetic trait causes abnormality in one or two chains of hemoglobin
  50. What should you teach a women who has sickle cell anemia to avoid?
    • Avoid dehydration and strenuous activities
    • Avoid exposure to infections
    • Avoid extreme heat/cold temps
  51. What does the acronym TORCH describe?
    • Toxoplasmosis
    • Other (STD)
    • Rubella
    • Cytomegalovirus
    • Herpes
  52. True or False?
    Rubella vaccine is given during pregnancy?
    False - no live virus vaccines are given during pregnancy
  53. Where can a mom pick up toxoplasmosis from?
    Cat litter/feces
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