Chapt 42 Stress and Adaptation

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  1. What is adaptation?
    The change that takes place as a response to a stressor.
  2. What is Local Adaption Syndrome (LAS)?
    localized response of the body to stress.
  3. What is the Reflex Pain Response?
    response of the central nervous system to pain
  4. What is the Inflammatory response?
    local response to an injury or infection.
  5. What are the two types of Local Adaption Syndrome?
    • Reflex Pain Response
    • Inflammatory response
  6. What does the parasympathetic nervous system do?
    functions under normal conditions and at rest
  7. What does the sympathetic nervous system do?
    • functions under stress conditions.
    • brings about fight or flight response.
  8. What is the General Adaption Syndrome (GAS)?
    the bodies biochemical response to stress
  9. What are the three stages of General Adaption Syndrome?
    • Alarm reaction
    • Stage of resistance
    • Stage of Exhaustion
  10. What is the alarm reaction?
    • Fight or flight response
    • increased energy levels, O2 intake, CO, BP and mental alertness followed by reversal
  11. What is the stage of resisitance?
    • The body attempts to adapt to the stressor.
    • Vitals, hormone levels and energy production return to normal
    • LAS may go into effect
  12. What is the stage of exhaustion?
    • when the adaptive mechanisms are depleted.
    • the organism may rest and recuperate or die.
  13. What are psychosomatic disorders?
    physiological alterations at least partially cause by psychological influences
  14. What is anxiety?
    vague, unseasy feeling of discomfort or dread from an often unknown source.
  15. What is fear?
    a cognitive response to a known threat.
  16. What are coping mechanisms?
    learned behaviors used to decrease stress and anxiety
  17. What are defense mechanisms?
    • Unconscious reactions to stressors to preserve self-esteem.
    • useful in mild to moderate anxiety
  18. What is compensation?
    when a person attempts to overcome a perceived weakness by excelling in another area
  19. What is Denial
    when a person refuses to acknowledge a disturbing condition
  20. What is displacement?
    transferring an emotional reaction from one object or person to another object or person
  21. What is introjection?
    incorporating qualities or values of another person into your own ego structure
  22. What is projection?
    a person's thoughts or impulses are attributed to someone else
  23. What is rationalization?
    giving a logically or socially acceptable explanation to explain questionable behavior
  24. What is Reaction Formula?
    developing conscious attitudes and behaviors that are opposite of what the person really wants to do.
  25. What is Regression?
    returning to an earlier method of behaving
  26. What is repression?
    voluntarily excluding an anxiety-producing event from conscious awareness
  27. What is sublimation?
    substituting a socially acceptable goal for one whose normal channel of expression is blocked
  28. What is undoing?
    an act or communication used to negate a previous act or communication.
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