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  1. What are infants and young children at higher risk for getting a foodborne illness?
    They have not yet built up their immune systems
  2. Which bacteria is commonly linked with cooked rice dishes?
    Bacillus cereus
  3. Scombroid poisoning can be prevented by:
    purchasing fish from approved, reputable suppliers
  4. Which is a TCS food?
    A) saltines
    B) Bananas
    C) Sprouts
    D) Coffee
    C) Sprouts
  5. Which is a biological contaminant? 
    A) Bones in chicken
    B) Ciguatoxin in a red snapper
    C) Metal shaving in a can of peaches
    D) Tomato juice served in a pewter pitcher
    B) Ciguatoxin in a red snapper
  6. Jaundice is a symptom of which foodborne illness?
    Hepatitis A
  7. As part of handwashing, food handlers must scrub their hands and arms for how long?
    10-15 sec
  8. What should a manager of a quick-service operation do if a foodhandler reports having a sore throat and a fever?
    They should restrict the foodhandler from working with food
  9. to work with food, a foodhandler with a hand wound must
    bandage the wound and wear a single-use glove
  10. Which piece of jewelry is a foodhandle allowed to wear?
    A) Diamond ring
    B) Medical bracelet
    C) Plain-band ring
    D) Leather-band watch
    C) Plain-band ring
  11. Foodhandlers should wash their hands before and after doing what?
    Handling raw meat, poultry, or seafood
  12. A foodhandler who spends an entire shift forming hamburger patties should change gloves how often?
    every 4 hr during continual use, and more often as needed
  13. How should the temperature of a shipment of sour cream be taken when it arrives at an operation?
    Remove the lid of a container and put the thermometer stem into the sour cream
  14. For which condition should you reject a shipment of fresh chicken?
    A) No USDA of state department of agriculture inspection stamp
    B) Shellstock identification tags not attached to the container
    C) Firm flesh that springs back when touched
    D) Receiving temp of 40°F
    A) No USDA of state department of agriculture inspection stamp
  15. Which item is stored correctly in the cooler?
    A) Sliced pineapple stored below raw steaks
    B) Raw ground pork stored below raw poultry
    C) Macaroni salad stored above raw salmon
    D) Raw poultry stored above raw pork roast
    C) Macaroni salad stored above raw salmon
  16. Cut melons should be stored at what internal temp?
    41°F or lower
  17. All ready to eat TCS food that will be stored for longer than ____ hr must be labeled.
    24 hr
  18. What is the purpose of Material Safety Data Sheets?
    Inform staff of safe use and hazards associated with chemicals used in the operation
  19. What is the minimum internal cooking temp for seafood?
    145°F of higher for 15 sec
  20. Leftover chili to be put in hot-holding must be reheated to:
    165°F for 15 sec within 2 hr
  21. Food must be cooled from 135°F to ____ within 2 hr
  22. Food should NEVER be thawed
    at room temp
  23. A Stockpot of soup that needs to cool should be placed
    in an ice-water bath
  24. What type of container should be used to transport TCS food from the place of preparation to the place of service?
  25. How long can refrigerated food that is prepped on-site be stored in a cooler?
    7 days
  26. Where should pesticides be stored?
    In a secure storage area away from food
  27. What is the only certain way to prevent backflow?
    A) Air gap
    B) Floor drain
    C) Vacuum breaker
    D) Cross-connection
    A) Air gap
  28. A Backup of raw sewage has occurred in the kitchen. What should happen next?
    Close the affected area and clean it
  29. What is coving?
    curved, sealed edge between a floor and a wall
  30. The 1st step in cleaning and sanitizing items in a 3 compartment sink is:
    rinsing, scraping, or soaking item
  31. What is the definition of sanitizing?
    reducing the pathogens on a surface to safe levels
  32. If a food-contact surface is in constant use, it should be cleaned and sanitized at least every:
    4 hr
  33. What is the 3 step in cleaning and sanitizing a prep table?
  34. Which probe should be used to check the temp of pork roast?
    A) Air
    B) Surface
    C) Immersion
    D) Penetration
    D) Penetration
  35. To prevent cross- contact
    clean and sanitize utensils before each use
  36. Wheezing and hives are symptoms of
    food allergies
  37. What organization makes recommendation for food safety regulation of the foodservice industry?
    Food and Drug Administration
  38. Taking experienced staff away from their tasks is a disadvantage of which training method?
    A) Classroom training
    B) Information searches
    C) On-the-job training
    D) Guided discussions 
  39. For what reason could an inspector close an operation?
    A) Customer calling about a foodborne illness
    B) Infestation of bugs or mice
    C) Dry- storage area kept at 80°F
    D) Foodhandlers not hearing hats
    its the bugs!!!
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