Types of Stretches

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  1. Static Stretching
    • Elongate past EOR and hold
    • 30 seconds typically
    • With mechanical means can be done for several hours, days, or weeks
    • Can progressively static stretch
  2. Cyclic Stretching
    • Short duration
    • Repeatedly applied and reapplied'5-10 sec hold each cycle
    • Possible more comfortable for patient
    • Not enough studies to determine effectiveness
    • Slow speed and released gradually
  3. Ballistic
    • Rapid, forceful, high speed and high intensity
    • Bouncing movement
    • Increased ROM in young/healthy subjects
    • NOT RECOMMENDED in early stages
    • Frequency is number of bouts per day/week
  4. Manual
    • Therapist or other trained practitioner moves slightly beyond point of tissue resistance and available rom
    • Therapist controls speed, intensity, duration
    • Held 30-60 seconds
  5. Manual Self
    • Flexibility exercise
    • patient carries out independently
    • Often part of HEP
  6. Mechanical Stretching
    • Equipment used to stretch.
    • Cuff weight, weight pulley, orthosis
    • Low weight or load
    • Long duration (15 mins to 8-10 hours)
  7. Neuromuscular Inhibition, Hold Relax (H-R)
    • Hold relax (H-R)
    • To EOR, isometric 8-10 sec of tight muscle, relax and stretch
    • Makes stretch more tolerable to patient
  8. Neuromuscular Inhibition, Agonist Contraction (AC)
    • Concentric contraction of antagonist of tight muscle
    • Causes reciprical inhibition of tight muscle
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