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  1. which group has the best activity for B-agonists
    primary and secondary nitrogen
  2. what does a large R1 confer for b agonist
    B selectivity
  3. what is the result of the substitution of alkyl chain linking Ar to N
    decreases MAO metabolism
  4. what is the B2 selectivity on albuterol due to
    the large group on the N
  5. how many more times potent is levalbuterol to albuterol
    4 times
  6. what does adding a ethyl group on a carbon do for B2 agonists
    it gives B2 selectivity and inhibits MAO metabolism
  7. salmeterol and formoterol are resistant to what
    MAO and COMT metabolism
  8. with the long acting B2 agonist, what are the long side chains serve for
    anchor drug at receptor site
  9. ipratropium bromide is similar to what anticholinergic
  10. what is ipratropium classified as
    an amino alcohol ester
  11. how is ipratropium metabolized
    by hydrolysis then excretion
  12. tiotropium is related to which drug
  13. tiotropiums long DOA is due to what
    slower hydrolysis
  14. how is tiotropium administered
    as an inhaled powder
  15. what do glucocorticoids regulate
    • glucose metabolism
    • modulate inflammation
  16. how do fluorines affect glucocorticoids
    they increase their activity
  17. how do acetal/ketals affect mineralocorticoids
    they decrease the activity
  18. lipophilicity compared of mineralocorticoids compared to glucocorticoids
    mineralocorticoids are more lipophilic than glucocorticoids
  19. what are mast cell stabilizers NOT compatible with
    salts of basic drugs such as atropine HCl
  20. what was khellin isolated from
    bishops weed
  21. what group was replaced on khellin to creat cromoyln and nedocromil
    replaced the furan ring with piperidinone
  22. which group on Zileuton is necessary for activity
    N hydroxyl urea
  23. what does the benzothiophene contribute on zileuton
    the overall lipophilicity
  24. what is the major metabolite of zileuton
  25. time of oral absorption of zileuton
  26. both enantiomers of zileuton are active or inactive
    they are active (racemate)
  27. how does lT antagonists block LTD4 action
    by mimicking the structure of LTD4
  28. what can the lipophilic tail of LTD4 be replaced with
    a variety of stable aromatic rings
  29. what type of proton must leukotriene antagonists have
    an acidic proton
  30. which drug is currently in research
    TBC 1269 (Biosiamose)
  31. what is the solubility of theophylline
    not very water soluble
  32. what percentage of theophylline is in aminophylline
  33. typical loading dose for theophylline
    300 - 500 mg  (slow IV injection)
  34. typical IV infusion rate of theophylline
    30 - 50 mg/hr or 0.5 mg/kg/hr
  35. therapeutic concentration of theophylline
    10 - 20 mg/L
  36. lowest theophylline concentration seen to have therapeutic effects
    5 mg/L
  37. common side effects of theophylline
  38. therapeutic concentration of theophylline that can cause tachycardia
    30 - 40 mg/L
  39. therapeutic concentrations  that can cause seizures
    > 50 mg/L
  40. bronchodilation relationship with concentration
    bronchodilation is ~ logC
  41. bioavailability of theophylline (both sustained and non sustained forms)
    100 %
  42. tmax of conventional theophylline formulation
    1-2 hours
  43. what will a high fat do to the bioavailability
    it will increase the F
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