Criminal procedures Ch 2

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  1. Remedy
    A method of rectifying wrongdoing
  2. Extralegal remedies
    Remedies conducted outside the legal process, such as a personal vendetta
  3. Legal remedies
    Remedies made available by law, by a court decision, or by a police agency policy or procedure
  4. Exclusionary Rule
    The supreme court-created rule requiring that evidence obtained in violation of the constitution cannot be used in a criminal trial to prove guilt
  5. "Silver platter" doctrine
    A practice (prior to Elkibs v. United states) that used to permit the use of evidence in federal court that had been obtained illegally by state officials
  6. "Good Faith" exception
    An exception to the exclusionary rule providing that when an honest mistake is made during the course of a search or seizure any subsequent obtained evidence will be admissible
  7. Impeachment exception
    An exception to the exclusionary rule providing that evidence considered inadmissible at one trail can be used in a later trial to impeach (that is, cast doubt on the credibility of) the defendant
  8. What is the significance of
    "Weeks vs United states"
    It established the exclusionary rule for federal court
  9. Significance of
    Supreme court decided that the exclusionary rule applies to state court
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Criminal procedures Ch 2
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