Test 1 (English 101)

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  1. Dictionary meaning of a word
    Denotative meaning
  2. What negative or positive things are attached to the word (emotional baggage)
    Connotative meaning
  3. Using words that give out the meaning without using the simple word or phrase
  4. No specific meaning
  5. Giving useless, well-known facts for no reason
  6. "Can't judge a book by it's cover" and other well known phrases
  7. Exclusive language
  8. Overblown, exaggerated language
  9. Group specific slang, use "quotes" around
  10. Using things that specifically use gender
  11. What word should never be used... Ever!
  12. The broad beginning of the paper
  13. What 3 questions should the introduction answer?
    • 1. What is this? 
    • 2. Why am I reading it?
    • 3. What do you want me to do?
  14. Name ways to "hook" a paper
    • 1. State the context
    • 2. State why the main idea is important
    • 3. State your thesis/claim
    • 4. Forecasting statement
  15. A good thesis is            and           
    Specific, unified (In no certain order)
  16. Body paragraphs should contain these four things:
    • 1. A transitional element
    • 2. A topic sentence
    • 3. Specific evidence
    • 4. A brief wrap-up
  17. When annotating what is something you should not do:
    A. Underline the topic sentence of each paragraph (Just in case you forget where it is)

    Mark unknown words to look up late (I don't need to know those words. They should use easier words)

    Use highlighter (How else will you remember where to look)

    Add your perspective (who wants to know? it's not your paper)
    Answer: C. 
  18. Identify the fallacy.
    That the news provides accurate and reliable information was demonstrated conclusively on last week's episode of 60 Minutes.
    Faulty use of authority
  19. Identify the fallacy.
    Since my girlfriend gave me neon green shoelaces, our team has won every game. Those laces are good luck... if I keep wearing them I can't help but win!
    Post hoc fallacy
  20. Identify the fallacy.
    I couldn't understand the lecture today, so I'm sure this course will just be a waste of time.
    Hasty generalzation
  21. Identify the fallacy.
    I think there is great merit in making the requirements stricter for the graduate students. I recommend that you support it, too. After all, we are in a budget crisis and we do not want our salaries affected.
    Red herring
  22. Identify the fallacy.
    We go to war with Canada, or else Canada will eventually grow in population and overwhelm the United States.
    Either/Or fallacy  -or-  veiled threat
  23. Identify the fallacy.
    It should be against the law to fire a woman because she gets pregnant. They don't fire a man for fathering a child.
    Faulty analogy
  24. Identify the fallacy.
    A book is pornographic if and only if it contains pornography.
  25. Identify the fallacy.
    If you aren't part of the solution, you're part of the problem.
    Quick fix
  26. Identify the fallacy.
    Using the author's weakest point to argue or divert from the main issue.
    Straw man
  27. Identify the fallacy.
    Validating a point by intimating the idea that "everyone else believes this"
    Bandwagon appeal
  28. Identify the fallacy.
    Persuading readers to agree by stating that people who are intelligent, etc. would agree with the author's perspective.
  29. What is a signal phrase?
    • 1. What (an observation)
    • 2. When it took place
    • 3. Where it took place    
    • 4. Who or what was observed.
  30. When and how to cite an interview?
    • The first time it's mentioned. 
    • 1. That it is an interview  
    • 2. Who is being interviewed  
    • 3. When    
    • 4. Why
  31. Interviews are explained in what tense?
    Past tense
  32. How many people does Mrs. Garrison want surveyed?
    At least 50 people
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