ecology chapter 1

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  1. Sustainable Ecosystem
    • An ecosystem that can survive small changes in its environment and can last for a long time
    • E.g. The amazon rainforest
  2. Biotic
    • A living or recently dead part of an ecosystem
    • E.g. A dead tree
  3. Abiotic
    • Never living, usually refers to a part of an ecosystem
    • E.g. A rock, water
  4. Lithosphere
    • The rocky part of the surface of the Earth
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  5. Hydrosphere
    • the watery part of the surface of the earth
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  6. Atmosphere
    • The very edge of the Earth, consists of gases floating around it
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  7. Biosphere
    • The living part of the Earth
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  8. Nutrients
    Minerals in an ecosystem necessary for the survival of the organisms in it
  9. Eutrophication
    • The introduction of more nutrients into an ecosystem, causing an increase in producers
    • Usually occurs in aquatic ecosystems
  10. Photosynthesis
    • The process used by plants to obtain useful energy from the sun.
    • CO2+H2O+light energy=Glucose and water
  11. Trophic Level
    • A distinct level of the food chain
    • E.g. grass and trees are on the same trophic level
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  12. Biomass
    The total mass of all biotic elements of a particular area
  13. Trophic Efficiency
    • The amount of energy that gets from one trophic level to another through consumption
    • Never 100% because of energy used for life processes and creating heat
  14. Bioaccumulation
    • The buildup of toxins in an ecosystems faster than its removal
    • E.g. monarch butterfly
  15. Biomagnification
    • The process in which the amount of a toxin in an organism increased through the trophic levels
    • E.g. DDT and its accumulation in birds
  16. Cellular Respiration
    • The process used by all organisms to use energy produced through photosynthesis
    • Glucose+O2=H2O+CO2
    • Oxygen necessary for this to work
  17. Fermentation
    • The process used by bacteria and some fungi in producing energy in anaerobic environments
    • Used in production of alcoholic beverages; creates methane
  18. Greenhouse Gases
    • Gases in the atmosphere that bounce solar energy back towards the Earth
    • E.g. methane, CO2
    • humans produce a lot
  19. Greenhouse Effect
    • the effect of greenhouse gases on the temperature of the earth(it goes up!)
    • humans are major cause
  20. Acid Precipitation
    • Precipitation that falls between a pH of 3.6 and 5.6
    • Typically SO2 or NOx
    • Humans major cause
    • negative impact on all forms of life esp. aquatic
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