S.S. words and definitions

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  1. Judicial Branch
    The branch that decides if laws are fair and constitutional.
  2. Republic
    A form of government in which people elect representatives to run the government.
  3. Checks and Balances
    This system keeps any one branch from becoming to powerful.
  4. Patriotism
    The love of one's country.
  5. Democracy
    A form of government in which people rule and are free to make choices about thier lives and government.
  6. Legislative Branch
    This branch of government makes laws for the nation.
  7. Federal System
    The sharing of power between state and federal governments.
  8. Volunteers
    People who work without pay.
  9. Executive Branch
    This branch of government enforces the nation's laws.
  10. Separation of Power
    The purpose of this plan is to keep any one brach from controlling the government.
  11. Bill of Rights
    the name given to the first ten amendments of the constitution.
  12. Amendments
    Additions to the constitution.
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