Body cavities

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  1. The two main cavities are the
    • ventral cavity
    • dorsal cavity
  2. The dorsal cavity contains
    • cranial cavity (where your brain sits)
    • vertebral canal (where your spinal chord sits)
  3. The ventral cavity is split into
    • thoracic cavity
    • abdominopelvic cavity
  4. the thoracic cavity and abdominopelvic cavities are seperated by the
  5. The thoracic cavity contains
    • pleural cavities (two of 'em. each surround a lung)
    • pericardial cavity ¬†(surrounds the heart.)
    • Mediastinum (lit. central separator.)
  6. The abdominopelvic cavity is separated into the
    • abdominal cavity
    • pelvic cavity
  7. the nine abdominopelvic regions are
    • right hypochondriac region¬†
    • epigastric region
    • left hypochondriac region
    • right lumbar region
    • umbilical region
    • left lumbar region
    • right inguinal region
    • pubic region
    • left inguinal region
  8. Organs inside the thoracic and abdominopelvic cavities are called
  9. Mediastinum contains
    • heart
    • thymus
    • esophagus
    • trachea
    • aorta
    • superior and inferior vena cava
  10. Abdominal cavity contains
    • stomach
    • spleen
    • liver
    • gallbladder
    • small intestine
    • most of the large intestine
  11. Pelvic cavity contains
    • urinary bladder
    • portions of the large intestine
    • internal reproductive organs
  12. The mediastenum is located
    within the thoracic cavity, between the lungs, extending from the sternum to the vertebral column and from the first rib to the diaphragm
  13. The abdominopelvic cavity extends
    from the diaphragm to the pelvic floor
  14. Top right abdominopelvic region
    right hypochondriac region (lit. to the right, under the cartilage)
  15. Top centre abdominopelvic region
    epigastric region (lit. above the stomach)
  16. Top left abdominopelvic region
    left hypochondriac region (lit. to the left, under the cartilage)
  17. Middle right abdominopelvic region
    Right lumbar region
  18. Center abdominopelvic region
    umbilical region
  19. Middle left abdominopelvic region
    left lumbar region
  20. lower right abdominopelvic region
    right inguinal region
  21. lower center abdominopelvic region
    pubic region
  22. lower left abdominopelvic region
    left inguinal region
  23. Serous membrane is
    A double-layered lining of epithelial tissue that lines some body cavities
  24. Serous membrane of the pleural cavities is
  25. Serous membrane of the pericardial cavity is
  26. Serous membrane of the abdominal cavity is
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