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  1. What to assess at the merge (5)
    • 1 Altitude
    • 2 Energy
    • 3 Geometry
    • 4 Turning Room
    • 5 Check Turn
  2. Merge with significant vertical component (Low to high)
    Desirable for the low fighter

    Make this merge as steep as possible

    Ensure you have tactical vertical airspeed and execute early turn prior to merge

    If bandit attempts to counter by pitching into vertical earlier, extend to deny exclusive use turning room and set 1C flow
  3. Merge with significant vertical component (High to Low)
    Less desirable

    Make this merge as shallow as possible

    Prior to merge, place LV, or nose, below the bandit, then slowly recover from nose low attitude as best you can prior to merge.

    If bandit early turns, lift limit pull to collapse weapons separation

    If bandit extends in vertical, unload for speed and attempt pure nose high maneuver. 

    Next merge, attempt to force 2C by turning away from bandit
  4. Slow speed merge
    Delay executing pure nose low

    Pull across or slightly below horizon

    If bandit commits nose low, wait until LOS accelerates, then roll to place LV in front of bandit and perform aggressive nose low lift limit pull
  5. Fighter Nose High vs. Bandit Nose High
    1C flight in the vertical

    Max perform - nibble of buffet pull

    Execute vertical extension at 110 nose high

    When canopy bow reaches horizon, roll upright

    Should result in slow speed merge with exclusive use turning room
  6. Fighter nose high vs. Bandit level
    LV on bandit with nibble of buffet pull

    After coming over the top, place LV aft to create weapons separation

    Aggressively pull for a shot, left uncountered, should result in offensive 2C flow
  7. Fighter nose high vs Bandit nose low
    Results in high to low merge

    Look to come off oblique early to flatten follow on merge
  8. Fighter nose low vs Bandit nose low
    Most likely result in neutral merge at the bottom

    Place LV slightly off pure nose low, places post above bandit's

    Use idle/boards to control altitude loss. Reselect MRT to ensure tactical vertical airspeed

    Against pure nose low, should result in stacked with bandit low
  9. Fighter nose low vs Bandit level
    Lift limit pull across bottom

    Reposition LV into oblique to minimize altitude loss

    LV in front of bandit to align fuselages. Pull for a shot
  10. Fighter nose low vs bandit nose high
    Follow on merge should be low to high

    Look to early turn to gain an advantage
  11. Butterfly PADS
    • 1 Mile abeam
    • Deck + 6K / Deck + 2K
    • 300 Lead calls to set 350
  12. Butterfly Comms
    • Set 350
    • Hammer 11 speed and angels left
    • Hammer 12 speed and angels right
    • Take a cut away
    • Hammer 11 turning in
    • Hammer 12 turning in
    • Left to left
    • Left to left
    • Fight's on
    • Fight's on
  13. Butterfly

    30o cut away

    At 3miles or visual limit, lead will call turning in, fighter echoes.

    Immediately call ROE
  14. Butterfly blind
    If blind, lead will talk you onto him

    If both blind, lead 1000' high, wing 1000' low with a KIO
  15. Abeam PADS
    • 1.5 mile abeam
    • Deck + 6K
    • 300 Lead calls to set 350
  16. Abeam Comms
    • Set 350
    • Hammer 11 speed and angels left
    • Hammer 12 speed and angels right
    • 3,2,1, fight's on
    • Fight's on
    • Left to left
    • Left to left
  17. Abeam

    On "3" both to MRT

    At "fight's on" both free to maneuver

    Wing will echo "fight's on" with an ROE call
  18. HA Goals
    • Deny weapons employment
    • Achieve first weapons employment
    • Gain positional advantage
    • Employ follow on shots
    • Transition to OBFM/DBFM
    • Separate or bug prior to becoming defensive
  19. Airspeed excursions
    • Take/deny shot
    • Take/deny turning room
  20. HA Basics
    • LV placement combined with OOPl maneuvering
    • Airspeed excursions
    • Controlling merges
  21. Recommended HA merge airspeeds
    • High: 350-420
    • Low: 270-350
    • Level: 370-410
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