Environmental Biology (2)

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  1. Easter Island Experience
    Shows how we can seriously degrade our own life support system
  2. Science
    human effort to discover how the physical world works by making observations and measurements, and carrying out experiments
  3. Scientific Hypothesis
    a possible explanation of what scientists observe in nature   or in results of experiments.
  4. Scientific Theory
    well-tested and widely accepted scientific hypothesis
  5. Scientific Law or Law of Nature
    well-tested and widely accepted description of what we find happening repeatedly in nature in the same way
  6. Scientifically Proven
    • When scientists try to establish that a particular theory/law has a high probability or certainty (90%) of being useful for understanding some aspect of nature it is scientifically proven
    • (btw scientist can never actually prove or disprove anything accurately)
  7. Frontier Science or Tentative Science or Unreliable Science
    Scientific data, hypotheses, and models that have not been widely tested and accepted
  8. Reliable Science
    concepts and ideas that are widely accepted by experts
  9. The 3 Matter are
    • Solid, Liquid, and Gas
    • basically anything that has mass and take up space.
  10. Element
    Fundamental type of matter that has a unique set of properties and cannot be broken down into simpler substances by chemical means
  11. Compound
    Combinations of 2 or more different elements held together in fixed proportions
  12. Organic Compounds and Examples
    • at least 2 carbon atoms combined with atoms of one or more other elements
    • Ex: most Chemicals in our body, plastics table sugar, vitamins, aspirin, and penicillin
  13. High and Low Quality Matter
    -High-Quality Matter is highly concentrated and has great potential for use as a resource (ex; Salt, Coal, Gasoline, aluminum cans, and solids)

    -Low-Quality Matter is not highly concentrated and has little potential for use as a resource (ex; Gas, Automobile emissions, and Coal Fired Power Plant)
  14. Law of Conservation of Matter
    means whenever matter undergoes a physical or chemical change no atoms are created or destroyed
  15. Energy
    The capacity to do work or to transfer heat
  16. Kinetic Energy
    energy associated with motion (moving energy). (ex; electricity)
  17. Potential Energy
    Stored energy and available for use. (Ex battery)
  18. High and Low Quality Energy
    • -High Quality Energy has great capacity to do useful work because its concentrated (ex high speed wind)
    • -Low Quality Energy is so dispersed that it has little capacity to do useful work
  19. First Law Thermodynamics (Energy)
    Second Law Thermodynamics (Energy)
    • 1st Law Energy cannot be Created or Destroyed
    • 2nd Law energy is changed from one form to another it always goes from more useful to less useful form
  20. Feedback Loop
    Example of positive Feedback Loop
    • -Occurs when an output of matter, energy, or information is fed back into the system as an input and leads to changes in that system 
    • (ex;-Decreasing vegetation leading to erosion and nutrient loss which causes more vegetation to die
  21. Environmentally Sustainable Society
    one that meets the current and future basic resource needs of its people in a just and equitable manner without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their basic needs
  22. Natural Income
    Renewable Resources (ex; plants animals and soil provided by earth's natural capital
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