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  1. small strongyles
  2. large strongyles
    • strongylus vulgaris
    • s. edentatus
    • s. equinus
  3. nematode
    parascaris equorum
  4. pinworm
    oxyuris equi
  5. threadworm
    strongyloides westeri
  6. tapeworms
    anoplocephala spp.
  7. common anthelmintics for horses
    • ivermectin
    • moxidectin
    • fenbendazole
    • pyrantel pamoate
  8. clinical signs of strongyles
    roughning of the arterial walls, intestinal damage, anemia, protien loss, lameness in back legs
  9. effects of strongyles
    liver damage and peritonitis, diarrhea, fever, edema, anemia, anorexia, depression, wt. loss, dehydration
  10. control of strongyles
    in particular since foals are very susceptible, brood mares should be treated and moved to clean pastures, removal of feces, frequent fecal checks
  11. horse roundworm
    parascaris equorum
  12. horse roundworm symptoms
    coughing, unthriftiness in foals, weight loss
  13. diagnosis, treatment, prevention of horse roundworm
    • find eggs in feces
    • anthelimintics
    • pregnant mares are given anthelmintics and moved to clean stall before she gives birth, foal treat at 4 weeks then repeated every 6 weeks until 2 years of ages
  14. horse pinworms
    horse will rub rump on stall, broken tail hair, missing hair around rump, damaged to the skin around the rump
  15. diagnosis, prevention, treatment of pinworm
    the symptoms are commonly the diagnosis, eggs may turn up in feces

    cleans stalls regularly and clean pastures

  16. horse threadworm diagnosis, treatment, prevention
    fecal sample


    clean stalls regularly, treat mares before birthing and move to a clean stall
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