Chap 8 Healthcare Delivery Systems

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  1. What is managed care?
    a way of providing care that is designed to control the cost while still maintaining the quality of care.
  2. What is case management?
    a method used to coordinate a patient's healthcare to acheive pt wellness and optimum function through advocacy, communication and education.
  3. What is primary healthcare?
    essential healthcare based on practical, scientifically sound, and socially acceptable methods and technology, made available to individuals and families in the community through their full participation and at a cost the community can afford.
  4. What is primary care?
    the delivery of healthcare services, including the initial contact and ongoing care
  5. What is a primary care center?
    doctors office
  6. What is an ambulatory care center or clinic?
    agencies that deliver care on an outpatient basis.
  7. What is home healthcare, aside from the most rapidly growing area of healthcare?
    caring for a patient in their home
  8. What is long term care?
    medical and nonmedical care for patients with chronic illnesses of disabilities, in the home or at a facility, and by a healthcare professional or family/friends
  9. What is respite care?
    care provided for caregivers of the homebound ill, disabled, or elderly patients in order to give the caregiver some time away from the responsibilities of day-to-day care.
  10. What are hospice services?
    • a program of palliative and supportive care services providing physical, psychological, social and spiritual care for dying patients, their family and other loved ones.
    • Starts when pt has <6 months to live and ends 1 year after pt's death
  11. What is palliative care?
    focused on the relief of physical, mental and spiritual distress from the diagnosis of an incurable disease
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