Chapter 1

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  1. Two Objectives of Sport
    and Exercise Psychology
    1.Understand the effects of psychological factors on physical and motor performance.

    2.Understand the effects of participation in physical activity on psychological development, health, and well-being.
  2. Roles of the Sport and Exercise Psychologist
    • Research: Inquiry aimed at advancing knowledge and sharing it through professional meetings and journal articles
    • Teaching: Teaching university courses in either psychology or exercise and sport science
    • Consulting: Working with athletes of all ages and abilities in the fitness industry and in sports medicine and physical therapy
  3. Clinical Sport Psychologists
    • •are licensed psychologists
    • •are trained to work with people with severe emotional disorders
    • • are trained to help athletes with problems such as eating disorders and substance abuse.
  4. Educational Sport Psychology Specialists
    • •use mental coach approach—understand psychology of human movement.
    • •have training in physical education, kinesiology, or exercise and sport science.
    • educate and increase athletes’ and coaches’ awareness of issues such as anxiety management and confidence development
  5. Names for sport science domains vs Psychology domains
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