mackonkey agar

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  1. list the gram reaction and morphology of th enteric bacteria
    Gram+poor growth or no growth, organism is inhibited by crystal violet and/or bile

    Gram-Good growth, organism is not inhibited by crystal violet or bile
  2. The selective agent for MacConkey Agar
    bile salts and crystal violet and Ferric ammonium citrate
  3. indicators for MacConkey Agar
    neutral red
  4. Basis for differentation for MacConkey Agar
  5. Basis for differentation for MacConkey Agar
  6. MacConkey Agar inhibits the growth of Gram ____ bacteria
  7. MacConkey Agar supports the growth of Gram ____ bacteria
  8. Probable coliform
    pink to red growth with or w/o bile precipitate, organism produces acid from lactose fermentation
  9. Noncoliform
    growth is "colorless" (not red or pink), organism does not ferment lactose. No reaction
  10. MacConkey Agar has ____ numer of sugars
  11. Selective media 
    suppresses growth of unwanted bacteria and encourages growth of desired microbes.
  12. Differential media
    facilitates distinguishing the desired microbe from others in a mixed sample
  13. Enterobacteriaceae
    family name; includes gram (-) organisms found in human GI tract.
  14. Enterics
    general term for the enterobacteriaceae family members.
  15. Fecal Coliforms
    are a commonly used bacterial indicator of sanitary quality of foods and water
  16. Lactose
    a disaccharide composed of glucose + galactose
  17. Enteric lactose fermenters (LF) such as E. coli , Enterobacter, and Klebsiella are Less pathogenic or more pathogenic?
    They are less pathogenic ( Non pathogenic) 
  18. Non-Lactose Fermenters like Salmonella, Shigella, Proteus are Less pathogenic or more pathogenic?
    They are more pathogenic
  19. Mention the organisms that are Lactose Fermenters
    E. coli, Enterobacter, Klebsiella pneumoniae
  20. Mention the organisms that are Non-Lactose fermenters.
    Salmonella, Shigella, Proteus, Morganella morganii
  21. Mention the three types of agar used to identify gram (-) microbes
    MacConkey AgarEosin Methylene Blue agar (EMB)Hektoen Enteric agar (HE/SS)
  22. MacConkey agar is
    both selective and differential
  23. MacConkey agar "selects" for ..
    - Gram (-)- suppresses growth of gram (+)- Crystal violet and bile salts inhibit growth of gram (+) due to inhibition of cell wallpeptidoglycan synthesis.
  24. In MacConkey agar " Crystal violet and bile salts" inhibit the growth of gram (+) due to 
    Crystal violet and bile salts" inhibit the growth of gram (+) due to ....inhibition of cell wall peptidoglycan synthesis.
  25. MacConkey agar "differentiates" between
    lactose fermenters and non-lactose fermenters- Lactose provides the sugar substrate for fermentation- Neutral red dye is a pH indicator which turns red when acidic and is colorless when basic.
  26. In MacConkey agar "end products of lactose fermentation increase acidity of media and turns pH indicator what color?
  27. Results of MacConkey agar
    - Gram (+) will not grow on this media- Lactose fermenters grow pink/red-Non-lactose fermenters grow colorless colonies
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