Institutional food mgmt

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  1. Cycle menus
    A cycle menu changes daily over a period of time- and then repeats itself, creating a cycle.

    The length of the menu can be anything from a few days to as much as six weeks.

    Goal is to keep customers from feeling that meals are repetitive or too predictable
  2. Considerations in planning cycle menus?
    • Nutrition: be familiar with all regulation and standards that apply 
    • healthy eating choices
    • budget and cost 
    • availability of food 
    • regional food preferences 
    • staff abilities 
    • production, service, and delivery methods 
    • -cafeteria service vs display cooking
    • -rehtermalization will have different need ( cook/Chill) 
    • -equipment availability
    • -variety and balance 
    • -coordination 
    • -food safety
  3. Types of cylce menu
    • selective menu
    • -customers have the opportunity to make choices or selection in advance of meal service 
    • Non selective menu 
    • - customers do not have the opportunity to make choices, but instead receive a pre planned meal.
  4. servesafe
  5. CDM certified dietary manager
    • par of a national group 
    • to use the CDM credentials you must have taken and approved and passed a national exam 
    • continuing education is also needed to maintain CDM credential 
    • dietary managers who have not taken the national exam may call themselves dietary manager ( DM)
  6. Certified food protection professional (CFPP)
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