MGC1 ch7

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  1. Entrepreneurship
    The pursuit of lucrative opportunities by enterprising individuals.
  2. Small business
    A business having fewer than 100 employees, independently owned and operated, not dominant in its field, and not characterized by many innovative practices.
  3. Entrepreneurial venture
    A new business having growth and high profitability as primary objectives.
  4. Entrepreneur
    Individuals who establish a new organization without the benefit of corporate sponsorship.
  5. Intrapreneurs
    New-venture creators working inside big companies
  6. Transaction fee model
    Charging fees for goods and services.
  7. Advertising support model
    Charging fees to advertise on a site.
  8. Affiliate model
    Charging fees to direct site visitors to other companies' sites.
  9. Intermediary model
    Charging fees to bring buyers and sellers together.
  10. Subscription model
    Charging fees for site visits.
  11. Opportunity analysis
    A description of the good or service, an assessment of the opportunity, an assessment of the entrepreneur, specification of activities and resources needed to translate your idea into a viable business, and your source(s) of capital.
  12. Business model
    A formal planning step that focuses on the entire venture and describes all the elements involved in starting it.
  13. Legitimacy
    People's judgment of a company's acceptance, appropriateness, and desirability, generally stemming from company goals and methods that are consistent with societal values.
  14. Social capital
    A competitive advantage in the form of relationships with other people and the image other people have of you.
  15. Skunkworks
    A project team designated to produce a new, innovative product.
  16. Bootlegging
    Informal work on projects, other than those officially assigned, of employees' own choosing and initiative
  17. Entrepreneurial orientation
    The tendency of an organization to identify and capitalize successfully on opportunities to launch new ventures by entering new or established markets with new or existing goods or services.
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