AN SC 200 Acronyms

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  1. AA
    Amino Acid
  2. AAFC
    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
  3. ACTH
    Adrenocorticotropic Hormone
  4. ACUC-L
    Animal Care and Use Committee - Livestock
  5. ADF
    Acid Detergent Fibre
  6. ADG
    Average Daily Gain
  7. ADH
    Anti-Diuretic Hormone
  8. AFAC
    Alberta Farm Animal Care
  9. AFC
    Agriculture and Food Council
  10. AFNS
    Agriculture, Food and Nutritional Science
  11. AI
    Avian Influenza (can also refer to Artificial Insemination but not for these quizzes)
  12. AI-Bio
    Alberta Innovates Biosolutions
  13. AIA
    Alberta Institute of Agrologists
  14. ALES
    Agriculture, Life and Environmental Sciences
  15. ALF
    Animal Liberation Front
  16. ALMA
    Alberta Livestock and Meat Agency
  17. AME
    Apparent Metabolizable Energy
  18. AMP
    Alberta Milk Producers
  19. ANAC
    Animal Nutrition Association of Canada
  20. ARD
    (Alberta) Agriculture and Rural Development
  21. BCA
    Breed Class Average
  22. BCS
    Body Condition Score
  23. BF
  24. BMP
    Best Management Practices
  25. BMR
    Basal Metabolic Rate
  26. BSE
    Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis
  27. BST
    Bovine Somatotropin
  28. BW
    Body Weight
  29. CA
    Corpus Albicans
  30. CARC
    Canadian Agri-Food Research Council
  31. CCAC
    Canadian Council on Animal Care
  32. CCIA
    Canadian Cattle Identification Agency
  33. CCP
    Critical Control Point
  34. CF
    Crude Fibre
  35. CFC
    Chicken Farmers of Canada
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