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    • Major Tissue:Connective
    • Specific Tissue:Adipose
    • Location:under skin; around kidneys & eyeballs, in bones & w/in abdomen; in breast    
    • Major Tissue:Connective
    • Specific Tissue:Mesenchyme
    • Location: primarily in embryo    

    • Major Tissue:Connective
    • Specific Tissue:Areolar
    • Location:surrounds capillaries; widely distributed under epithelia of body,    
    • Major Tissue: Epithelium
    • Specific Tissue:Transitional
    • Location: lines the ureters, urinary bladder & part of the urethra    
    • Major Tissue: Epithelium
    • Specific Tissue: Stratified Columnar
    • Location:Rare in body; small amounts in ♂ urethra & in large ducts of some glands    
    • Major Tissue: Epithelium
    • Specific Tissue: Simple columnar
    • Location: Nonciliated - lines most of digestive tract, gall bladder

    • Ciliated - lines small bronchi, uterine tubes & some regions of uterus 
    • Major Tissue:Epithelium
    • Specific Tissue:Simple Cuboidal
    • Location: kidneys tubules; ducts & secretory portions of small glands; ovary surface.
    • Major Tissue:Epithelium
    • Specific Tissue:Stratified Squamous 
    • Location: 
    • Nonkeratinized- forms moist linings of the esophagus, mouth & vagina
    • Keratinized- forms the epidermis of the skin, a dry membrane 
    • Major Tissue: Epithelium
    • Specific Tissue: Simple Squamus
    • Location: air sacs of lungs; lining of ♥, blood vessels, lymphatic vessels    
    • Major Tissue: Epithelium
    • Specific Tissue: Pseudostratified columnar
    • Location:Ciliated- lines the trachea, most upper respiratory tract
    • Nonciliated male’s sperm – carrying ducts & ducts of large glands 
    • Major Tissue:Epithelium
    • Specific Tissue:Stratified Cuboidal 
    • Location: 
    • largest ducts of sweat glands, mammary gland & salivary glands
    • Major Tissue: nervous
    • Specific Tissue: Neuroglia
    • Location: Special supporting cells that protect, insulate & support the more delicate neurons.

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