vocab week4

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  1. Channel
    Term used in communication to denote the medium selected to convey the message the channel mat target any if the receiver's sense
  2. Communication
    receiving, interpreting, and expressing spoken, written and nonverbal messages
  3. Content
    The literal information conveyed
  4. Decubitus
    Ulcer resulting from increased pressure on skin surface over bony prominences
  5. Ethnic
    Relating to races or to large groups of people with common traits and customs
  6. Feedback
    Verbal and nonverbal evidence that the message is received and understood 
  7. Fowler's
    • Position when the head of the bed is elevated and hips and knees are flexed.
    • semi-fowlers-elevated to 30 degrees
    • high-flowers -elevated to 90 degrees
  8. Interpersonal
    Communication that occurs between two or more people with the goal to exchange messages
  9. Intrapersonal
    Communication techniques or self talk to enhance positive interaction with the patient or family
  10. Knee-chest
    A position assumed by the patient resting on the knees and chest as an exercise after childbirth, or for the purpose of examination and treatment.
  11. Lateral
    Referring to the side - as in side-laying position
  12. Lithotomy
    Position with patient on back thighs flexed on abdomen legs on thighs. Thighs abducted. Feet and legs usually supported in stirrups. Used for pelvic exam and delivery of a baby
  13. Message
    Term used in communications to denote the actual physical product of the source
  14. Nonverbal Communication
    Exchange of information without using words
  15. Pacing
    The speed and rhythm of the delivery
  16. Personal Space
    External environment surrounding a person that is regarded as being a part of that person 
  17. Process
    The act of sending, receiving, interpreting and reacting to a message   
  18. Prone
    lying horizontal with face downward; opposed to supine
  19. Receiver(decoder) 
    Term used in communication that specifies the person or object to which the message is directed
  20. Relationship
    Interaction of people over time
  21. Sender (encoder)
    Term used in communication that specifies the person who is directing the message
  22. Sensory Overload
    Condition resulting from excessive sensory input to which the brain is unable to meaningfully respond
  23. Supine
    Lying on the back or with the face upward; opposed to prone
  24. Trochanter Roll 
    a rolled towel support placed against the hips to prevent external rotation of the legs
  25. Verbal Communication
    Exchange of information using words  
  26. Empathy
    intellectually identifying with the way another person feels  
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