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  1. Environmental science
    An interdisciplinary study of how humans interact with the environment of living and nonliving things
  2. 1.) Learn how nature works
    2.) How the environment affects us
    3.) How we affect the environment
    3 goals of environmental science
  3. Ecology
    The biological science that studies how organisms interact with their environment and each other
  4. Environmentalism is a movement dedicated to protecting the earths life support. Environmental science is the study of human interactions with the environment
    What is the difference between environmental science and environmentalism?
  5. Sustainability
    The ability of earth's various natural systems and human cultural systems and economies to survive and adopt to changing the environment. Conditions indefinitely.
  6. -Nutrient cycling 
    -The circumstances of chemicals necessary for life, from the environment through organisms and back to the environment
    Define the first component of sustainability
  7. -Warms plant and supports photosynthesis 
    -Produces indirect forms of renewable solar energy
    List 2 direct ways solar energy affects the planet
  8. Second component of sustainability
    To recognize that many human activities can degrade natural capital by using normally renewable resources faster than nature can replenish them
  9. Third component of sustainability
    Scientist solve situations to problems such as degradation of natural capital
  10. Preserving earth's natural capital, which supplies our income, while providing the human population with adequate and equitable access to this natural income for the esseable future
    Compare investing money to our use of natural resources
  11. That human activities are degrading/ over using about 6.2% of earths natural services.
    What did the "Millennium Ecosystem Assessment" report in 2005
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