Ecology (2)

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  1. An increase in a nations output of goods and services
    How does a nation grow economically?
  2. Currency changes when it is used in another country. The values are different
    Ex: US dollars are worth 3x more than Mexican dollars
    Describe how currency in a country can change?
  3. 1) Population in developing countries 
    2) Population is much larger in developing 
    3) Life expectancy in developed 
    4) Wealth greater in developed 
    5) Developed resources
    6) We pollute/ waste more in developed
    What are differences  between a developed country and a developing country?
  4. Solar energy,fresh air, wind, surface, h20, fertile soil, wild edible plants
    What resources are directly available?
  5. Petroleum, iron, underground h20, cultivated crops
    What resources are not directly available?
  6. It is renewed continuously and is expected to last at least 6 billion years as the sun completes its life cycle
    Why is solar energy a perpetual resource
  7. Exceeded renewable resources natural replacement rates, available  supply begins to shrink
    What is environmental degradation?
  8. Barrett Hardin
    What biologist exploited Tragedy of The Commons?
  9. When each user of a shared common resource or open access resource reasons if I don't use it someone else will. The little bit I use wont affect the world."
    When does it occur?
  10. My little bit of trash wont make a difference. Typically when a person does something others follow
    Compare this to eating lunch in the courtyard
  11. Government establishes law and regulations. Nations enter into agreements that regulate access to resources. Convert open access resources to private ownership.
    What are the most common approaches to sharing resources?
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