Advertising Chapter 1

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  1. According to the marketing and promotions process model, which of the following is NOT a stage in the target marketing process?

    A. Market Identification
    B. Market Segmentation
    C. Positioning through marketing strategies
    D. Promotional Decisions
    D. Promotional Decisions
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  2. The Market Segmentation Process
    Divides a market in to distinct groups that will respond similarly to marketing actions
  3. Gatorade sports drink has defined its target market as 18-34 year old males who are active in sports. Which two bases of segmentation is Gatorade employing?
    Demographic and Psychographic
  4. Digital cameras, computers and high quality printers are allowing people to take and process their photographs. An owner of a film-processing store could advertise the benefits of professional photograph finishing when compared to printer copies, which will fade over time. The film-processing store could use positioning by:
    Product Class
  5. In 2002 United Parcel Service introduced a new slogan around which it would base all of its new advertising strategy. The slogan was, "What can brown do for you?" and is indicative of a positioning strategy based on:
    Product User
  6. During declining or stagnant sales, marketers of a product often attempt:
    Product repositioning
  7. The first step in the development of the positioning platform is to:
    Identify competitors
  8. When marketers are attempting to identify the ideal brand or product, they are in which stage of the positioning platform development?
    Analyzing consumer preferences
  9. An ad for Aricept, a prescription only drug for patients in the early stages of Alzheimers disease, was published in a better homes and gardens magazine. Since the ad encouraged consumers to ask their doctors about this drug and whether it would help them or someone they knew, the drug company that placed the ad is using.
    A promotional Pull Strategy
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