OChem Ch 2

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  1. What is linear comination of atomic orbitals
    process by which atomic orbitals combine and overlap to form more complex orbitals.
  2. What is hybridization?
    LCAO (linear combination of atomic orbitals) within one atom
  3. What hybridization is carbon in CO2?
  4. how to tell the hybridization of a molecule and shape?
    count the number of regions of high electron density.
  5. sp hybrid orbital molecules have what bond angle and shape?
    180 linear
  6. sp2 hybrid orbital molecules have what bond angle and shape?
    120 trigonal planar
  7. sp3 hybrid orbital molecules have what bond angle and shape?
    109.5 tetrahedral
  8. Lone pairs contribute to the dipole moment. True or false?
  9. what are alkanes and cycloalkanes?
    alkanes - hydrocarbons with single bonds all around

    cycloalkanes - alkane in which the carbons form a ring
  10. alkene and cycloalkene
    alkene - hydrocarbon that contains one or more double bonds between carbons 

    cycloalkene - a carbon ring that has at least one double bond in it
  11. alkyne
    hydrocarbon that contains one or more triple bonds
  12. aromatic
    a compound that contains a benzene ring
  13. Alcohol
  14. Ether
  15. aldehyde
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  16. ketone
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  17. Carboxylic acid
  18. acid chloride
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  19. ester
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  20. amide
    • RCONR
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  21. amine
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  22. nitrile

    • ex.¬†
    • CH3---CN

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The structure and properties of organic molecules. Pi bonds, sigma bonds, molecular bonds, atomic orbitals, rotation of molecules about single bonds, hybridization, etc.
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