Advertising Chapter 4

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  1. Consumer behavior is defined as
    The process people engage in when searching for, selecting and using products and services they need
  2. Ilon loves his car and does everything necessary to keep the vehicle in top running condition. When he heard a strange popping noise under the hood, he knew the car needed the servives of a mechanic. The noise triggered the ______ stage of the consumer decision making process.
    Problem Recognition
  3. The headline for the national flood insurance program ad reads "There's a chance of flooding in your area. Are you willing to bet the house on it?" The ad shows a picture of a flooded home and shows how flood insurance helps to satisfy the _____ need as defined by Maslo's hierarchy
  4. One way advertisers attempt to influence consumers perceptual processes is through the use of songs popular with the target audience
  5. The various brands identified as purchase options to be considered during the alternative evaluation process are known as the evoked set.
  6. During which stage of the consumer decision making process are both functional and psychosocial consequences important?
    Alternative evaluation
  7. Spalding ran an advertisement promoting its Top Flight Golf Balls as the brand that is the most durable and goes the farthest. This ad campaign attempted to influence consumers' attitudes by:
    increasing or changing the strength or belief rating of the brand on an important attribute.
  8. Simplified decision rules such as "Always buy the largest size of the cheapest priced detergent" or "Only buy motor oil if the manufacturer is offering a rebate" are:
    Called Heuristics
  9. For which of the following products is the consumer most likely to experience cognitive dissonance.
    Diamond engagement ring
  10. External factors that might affect the way consumers perceive advertisements include:
    All of the above
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