therapeutic relationships

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  1. clinical supervision
    A mentoring relationship which is characterized by evaluation & feedback & a gradual increase in autonomy & responsibility
  2. contract
    "A written or stated agreement between patient & caregiver that contains the place, time, date, & duration of meetings"
  3. countertransference
    "The tendency of the nurse (therapist, social worker) to displace onto the patient feelings that are a response to people in the nurse's past. Strong positive or strong negative reactions to a patient may indicate countertransference"
  4. empathy
    the ability of one person to get inside another's world & see things from the other person's perspective & to communicate this understanding to the other person
  5. genuineness
    Self-awareness of one's feelings as they arise within the nurse-patient relationship & the ability to communicate them when appropriate
  6. orientation phase
    "The phase of the nurse-patient relationship in which the nurse & patient meet, & the nurse conducts the initial interview"
  7. rapport
    "a relationship characterized by trust, support, & understanding"
  8. social relationship
    "a relationship that is primarily initiated for the purpose of friendship, socialization, enjoyment, or accomplishment of task"
  9. termination phase
    "the final, integral phase of the nurse-patient relationship"
  10. therapeutic encounter
    "a brief, informal meeting between nurse & patient in which the relationship is useful & important for the patient"
  11. therapeutic relationship
    "a relationship requiring that the nurse maximize his or her communication skills, understanding of human behaviors, & personal strengths in order to enhance personal growth in the patient. This relationship occurs in all clinical settings, not just those on a psychiatric unit"
  12. therapeutic use of self
    creative use of unique personality traits & talents to from positive bonds with others
  13. transference
    the experiencing of thoughts & feelings toward a person (often the therapist) that were originally held toward a significant person in one's past. Transference is a valuable tool used by therapists in psychoanalytical psychotherapy
  14. values
    "abstract standards that represent an idea, either positive or negative"
  15. working phase
    the phase of the nurse-patient relationship during which the nurse & patient identify & explore areas that are causing problems in the patient's life
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