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  1. Assault
    An intentional threat designed to make the victim fearful; produces reasonable apprehension of harm
  2. Battery
    The harmful or offensive touching of another person
  3. bioethics
    The study of specific ethical questions that arise in health care.
  4. civil rights
    The rights of personal liberty guaranteed under two U.S. constitutional amendments
  5. competency
    The capacity to understand the consequences of one's decisions
  6. conditional release
    A release from an inpatient psychiatric facility that is contingent upon outpatient commitment
  7. confidentiality
    The ethical responsibility of a health care professional that prohibits the disclosure of privileged information without the patient's informed consent
  8. duty to warn
    An obligation that may result in the breach of confidentiality on the part of the health care worker to warn third parties when they may be in danger from a patient.
  9. ethical dilemma
    "a situation in which there is a conflict between two or more courses of action, each carrying favorable & unfavorable consequences"
  10. ethics
    "The discipline concerned with standards of values, behaviors, or beliefs adhered to by individuals or groups"
  11. false imprisonment
    Maybe a misdemeanor or tort brought against health care workers who illegally hold people in confinement. Confinement includes restraint within a limited area & restraint within an institution
  12. Health Insurances Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)
    A bill enacted in 1996 that established national standards for the protection of electronic medical records.
  13. implied consent
    "A form of consent that is not expressly given but implied from circumstances of a person's particular situation or a person's actions, especially in life-threatening or serious situations"
  14. informal admission
    One type of voluntary admission in which there is no formal or written application
  15. informed consent
    "A legal term that indicates that a person has been provided with a basic understanding of risks, benefits, & alternatives & is receiving treatment voluntarily"
  16. intentional torts
    Willful & intentional acts that violate another person's rights or property
  17. involuntary admission
    Admission to a psychiatric facility without the patient's consent
  18. involuntary outpatient admission
    Court mandates for medication & other treatments as a condition for remaining in the community rather than in the hospital. These mandates are controversial & not used in all communities in the U.S.
  19. least restrictive alternative doctrine
    Mandates that the least restrictive & least disruptive means be used to achieve a specific purpose
  20. long-term involuntary admission
    "Used for extended care & treatment of those with mental illness. Commitments are obtained through medical certifications, judicial hearings, or a administrative action."
  21. malpractice
    An act or omission to act that breaches the duty of due care & results in or is responsible for a person's injuries
  22. negligence
    "An act, or failure to act, that breaches the duty of due care & results in an unintended or is responsible for another person's injuries."
  23. right to privacy
    the legal expectation or privacy concerning the sharing medical information
  24. right to refuse treatment
    "the right to reject forced treatment. This right takes into consideration the person's right of choice, or autonomy, & beneficence, actions which benefit others"
  25. right to treatment
    the right to expect appropriate & adequate treatment
  26. temporary admission
    admitting patients with acute psychiatric symptoms on an emergency basis upon written order of a primary care provider for a limited amount of time
  27. tort
    a civil wrong for which money damages (or other relief) may be obtained by the injured party (plaintiff) from the wrongdoer (defendant)
  28. unconditional release
    termination of a patient-institutional relationship
  29. unintentional torts
    unintentional acts against another person that produce injury or harm
  30. voluntary admission
    inpatient acre sought by the patient or the patient's guardian through a written application to the facility
  31. writ of habeas corpus
    "A ""formal written order"" to ""free the person"""
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