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  1. smear
    • the process of adhering the bacterial cells to the microscope slide
    • ensure that bacteria is not washed off during staining
  2. what is the most important thing to do when making a  smear
    important to make thin smear so that you clearly see the details of individual cells
  3. how much bacteria should you use for a smear
    small amount
  4. how much should you spread the bacteria on the slide for a smear
    spread across the whole slide
  5. staining
    a process of adding a dye to a bacterial culture
  6. heat fix
    releases sticky protein from the surface of the bacterial and adhere the bacteria cell to slide
  7. what charge does a basic dye have
    positive charge
  8. what charge does a acidic dye have
    negative charge
  9. what charge does bacteria have
    slightly negative
  10. why is it important to know the charge
    • opposite attract
    • if its the same charge the cell wont change color but the background will
  11. simple staining
    uses one dye
  12. differential staining
    uses at least 2 dyes
  13. what is the purpose of simple dye
    to view bacterial shape and arrangements
  14. what bacteria  did we stain
    • bacillus cereus
    • staphylococcus aureua
    • klebsiella pneumoniae
  15. what stain did we use for the simple stain
    methylane blue (basic dye)
  16. what did staphylococcus aureua look like
    gram + cocci
  17. what did bacillus cereus look like
    gram + bacilli
  18. what did klibsiella pneumoniae look like
    gram - bacilli
  19. what color does gram positive turn
  20. what color does gram - turn
  21. what stains did we use for gram strain in order
    • crystal violet
    • gram iodine
    • ethyl alcohol
    • sefranin
  22. crystal violet
    • primary dye
    • first dies applied
    • stains gram positive purple
  23. gram iodine
    • mordant
    • helps crystal violet sick to gram positive
  24. what does gram iodine do
    increases attraction between the gram + cell wall and the crystal violet
  25. ethyl alcohol
    • decolorizer of gram -
    • turns it colorless
  26. safranin
    • counter dye
    • cells decolorized by alcohol (gram-) will pick up the safranin turns it red
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