Ethics wk 3

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  1. privacy laws are based on amendments...
    1, 3, 4, 5, 9, 14
  2. people, businesses, or agencies that must comply with HIPAA standards and privacy rule (hospital, nursing homes, pharmacy, insurances, etc)
    Covered entities
  3. a transaction is an electronic exchange of information between two covered entities
    covered transaction
  4. records maintained by or for a covered entity, any record used by covered entity to make decisions about an individual
    (DRS) designated record set
  5. every health care provider must provide each patient with written notice of the provider's privacy policies
    (NPP) notice of privacy practices
  6. any information that contains one or more patient identifiers that could be used to identify an individual, must be protected
    (PHI) protected health information
  7. if a state's privacy laws are stricter than HIPAA, state law takes precedence
    state preemption
  8. allows providers to conduct the necessary business operations
    (TPO) treatment, payment and healthcare operations
  9. ... of covered entities must have contracts/agreements with covered entities guaranteeing that PHI will be safeguarded
    Business Associates
  10. 4 HIPAA standards
    transaction & code sets, privacy rule, security rule, national identifier standards
  11. HIPPA standard... transaction requirements established standards for electronic data interchange (EDI) for transmittal of information
    Standard 1
  12. HIPPA standard... privacy rule, PHI may be disclosed with permission. (no auth needed for Disaster Relief Organization)
    Standard 2
  13. standard HIPAA... covered entities and business associates must have security plan in place
    standard 3
  14. standard HIPAA... provides a unique number for each provider of care
    standard 4
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