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  1. What is this photo a condition of? How is this caused?
    • §recessive single point mutation of gene coding for B-globin of hemoglobin (normal HbA)
    • §substitution of a single amino acid valine (hydrophobic) for glutamic acid (hydrophilic)§Abnormal hemoglobin (HbS) CLUMPS under low O2 tension
  2. What is this photo? What other 2 complications can it lead to and how?
    • EM of a homozygous HbS Sickle cell, more rigid and has less O2.
    • 1. Stroke- can plug vessels
    • 2. Anemia- vessels fragile & break easily
  3. Label:
    • A. Neutrophil (segmented nucleus, neutral stain)
    • B. Platelets/ Thrombocytes
    • C & D. Sickle Red Blood Cell
  4. What condition does this person have?
    Sickle Cell Anemia; note sickle red blood cell shape.
  5. Label
    • A: Howell-Jolly Bodies
    • B. DNA fragments
    • C. Normal Blast (immature RBC; still has it's nucleus)
  6. Name 1,2,3 conditions and label cells A,B, C
    • 1. Parasitic infection A. Parasite infecting RBC
    • 2. Parasitic infection B. Parasite infecting RBC
    • 3. Lead Poisoning C. Basophilic stippling
  7.  Label
  8. What is this?
    Neutrophil. Note segmented nucleus + neutral color stain.
  9. Neutrophil. Segmented nucleus
  10. What is cell 3? What is A & B?
    Neutrophil A. is 3 lobed (3 or 5 is usual) B. Barr Body seen in 3% females and NOT used for sex determination.
  11. LAbel
    • A. Neutrophil
    • B. Specific Granules
    • C. Azurophilic Granules
  12. What is this?
    2 Neutrophils surrounded by RBC and some platelets.
  13. What is this?
    3 Neutrophils surrounded by rbv
  14. Label
  15. Label
    Movement of Neutrophil
  16. What does this depict? Label
  17. What is this?
    There is a large focus of neutrophils. This is a smoker's lungs.
  18. Overall, what  condition does this tissue sample depict and how can you tell?
    Inflammation. Many WBC numerous throughout.
  19. What kind of cell and label.
  20. What is this?
    Eosoniphils with specific granules that Stain BRIGHT RED and are refractive with the light microscope
  21. What is this?
    EOSINOPHILES §Center of each granule has a crystalloid body with TEM§CRYSTALLOID BODIES contain:-major basic protein (MBP)-eosinophil cationic protein (ECP)-eosinophil peroxidase (EPO)-   eosinophil - derived neurotoxin (EDN)
  22. What kind of cell is this? How can you tell?
    Eosinophilic granules are clearly seen. Each granule has a disk-shaped electron-dense crystalline core that appears surrounded by a matrix enveloped by a unit membrane.

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Histo slides 50-90
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