Histology of Blood B slide 90-100

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  1. Image UploadWhat cell is this? Label:
    • Basophil
    • SG: Specific Granules (dark and covers nucleus) w/ receptors for IgE Ab)
    • Has non-specific azurophilic granules too.
  2. Image UploadWhat type of cell is this? What is inside? What is characteristic of the inside component?
    • §Azurophilic granules    -  lysosomes of basophils
    • containing lysosomal acid    hydrolases
  3. Image UploadWhat are these cells and what do these 2 cells have in common?
    Image Upload
  4. Image UploadWhat is this cell? Where can you find it? What is it commonly referred to in immunity?
    • §Most circulating lymphocytes are recirculating immunocompetent cells
  5. Image UploadWhat are the two cells in the middle?
    §In blood smears mature  lymphocyte is about same size as a RBC§Intensely staining nucleus, spherical, slightly indented§Very thin pale rim of cytoplasm
  6. Image UploadWhat type of cell is this? What can you tell about the cytoplasm?
    Medium – sized lymphocyte. Cytoplasm contains mainly- free ribosomes-  few mitochondria
  7. Image UploadWhat are the conditions of these?
    Top right and left: Blood parasite infection. Bottom: Basophilic stippling due to lead poisoning.
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